This year for Mother's Day, my husband gifted me a photoshoot for just me and my baby girl! 

This gift meant the world to me and was the best present ever!

Now I am about to be very straight forward and honest here... and I am guessing there will be some who don't agree with what I am about to say, and you know what that's totally okay, because I know there will be many stepmoms, who have children of their own, who will be like YES YES YES!

Someone asked me why I did a photoshoot with just Reese and not my stepchildren as well.  

This was a very difficult question. One that I tread very lightly in answering, because the answer could come out and be interpreted very very wrong.  

So before I go ahead and answer it for all of you, I want to make it very clear that I love my stepchildren VERY much. Before I even met them I committed myself to them. I committed to never treating them like they were anything but my own, and making sure that they were always considered in every aspect of our lives. As I've said over and over,  they are my people and I absolutely adore them. 

But the bond that I have with them is very different than the bond I have with my daughter. Before I had my baby girl, a few mothers said to me "you won't understand until you have kids of your own". This comment used to make my blood boil. I felt like it undermined the love I have for my stepchildren. 

But then I had my own child, and I realized that they were right.

Just as there are some things about being a stepmom that you'll never understand unless you're a stepmom. There are some things about being a mom that you'll never understand unless you're a mom

Does that make my bond with my stepchildren less important? Not for me. Is it less strong? Not in my mind. But it is different than it is with my daughter. And until today, I didn't feel comfortable saying that out loud. 

But it's okay to say it. Because I am Reese's Mom, and I am their Stepmom. And in our family, and in our specific family dynamic, the two bonds are different. 

I came into their world later on in life, and well, they have a great Mom... who they have a special bond with, just like the bond I have with Reese. 

So you know what? It is totally okay that I wanted to have Mother Daughter pictures with just Reese. My stepchildren got to celebrate Mother's Day with their Mom.... and this is how Reese and I decided to celebrate!

It would be one thing, if we only ever had pictures taken with Reese, but that's not the case at all. We've had annual family pictures since I came into their world, and will continue to do so until they won't tolerate it any longer! 

The way I see it, we have one big family, with a separate little family inside! 

So that being said, I'm dying to share a few of our photos with you! I'm so in love with the beautiful moments that our photographer captured!  

You'd never know it, but Reese was in an absolute MOOD during this shoot. She cried on and off throughout the whole thing.  

xx Jamie

As always, if you have any questions or comments, please feel free to reach out! And if you know of any stepmoms who would enjoy these posts, send them my way!

Photo Cred: Photography By Nataal

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