The other day one of our neighbours asked my husband "do you guys ever stay at home?"

His answer? "Not very often!"

It's true, we are always on the go. Especially in the summer time. 

We love road trips, cottaging, and getting away from the hustle bustle of everyday life.

It fills our cup! It makes us tick. 

However, road tripping with kids has it's challenges. You need to be prepared, and recognize that when you're vacationing with kids, things may not always go as planned.

I always refer to our vacations as the "perfectly imperfect" family getaway. When I became a parent I learned very quickly that if you expect things to be smooth sailing the entire time, you're going to be sadly disappointed! 

I also learned very quickly that you need to be prepared if you're going to shake up your routine, especially when kids are young.
ESPECIALLY ESPECIALLY when they're young and potty training. 

Because of our busy lifestyle, structure, routine and consistency have been our biggest challenges when it comes to parenting our three year old daughter, specifically when it comes to potty training. 

In fact, if you've followed me for the past year, you know that I've been talking about her potty training journey for almost 365 days!  

Not only does our blended family, week-on-week of access schedule with my stepchildren make our schedule inconsistent, our regular road trips also throw a wrench in things! 


As I said in our "Our Blended Family Behind-the-Scenes Vlog" above, this summer our roads trips caused me some anxiety. We  have come so far in our potty training progress, and I was nervous that being on the go would lead to regression. Earlier this summer we made a "Potty Promise" with Pull-Ups to ditch the diapers, and I really wanted to follow through.

I was sure the 4 hour (turned 5 1/2 hour) drive to our cabin, the compost toilet, and switched up routine would take us back.

But it didn't! In fact, I think it pushed us over that potty training finish line. We implemented  tips & strategies for potty training away from home from Pull-Ups Potty Partnership and well... these nuggets of information were as good as GOLD! 

It was all about being flexible yet consistent.  Oh and patient, very very patient. 

Since these Tips helped send us over the Potty Training finish Line, I thought I'd share them with my fellow Potty Training Mamas (and Stepmamas). 

So here you go. (You're welcome!)


Before we hit the road, not only did we prepare ourselves with lots of snacks and activities for Reese and my stepson, we also brought along a potty, extra clothing and extra pull-ups just incase she had an accident. 

Yes, we seriously lugged the Potty around. WHY? Because when a toddler has to go, a toddler has to go. They can't always wait until the next rest stop. While the other kids have mastered the road side pop-a-squat, Reese just isn't quite there! 

She thinks that peeing on the side of the road is a blast, which gives her more incentive to tell us when she had to go.

Jamie Scrimgeour - Pull-Ups Potty Partnership


This road trip was supposed to take us 4 hours. We ended up spending 5 1/2 hours on the road. We were late meeting our friends & hit some  traffic because pit stops put us behind. 


Delays are to be expected when you're travelling with kids. We took the "we will get there when we get there attitude" and it helped keep the vibe in the car carefree. As a result the kids felt safe to ask for a break when they needed. 

 I find that kids pick up on their parent's anxiety and frustration, and often respond with whining and misbehaviour. I'm sure I don't have to tell you, this makes for an extra long ride.

My advice? Do your best to stay calm, cool and collected, no matter what the road trip brings!

While were there at our cabin, we were also pretty easy going about the potty training. When she did have a couple of accidents we were very patient with her and just explained what she can do better next time. 

We recognized that she was out of routine and simply having having a good time with the other kids. She wasn't thinking about potty training, she was thinking about all the fun she was having! 



We have learned to prepare the kids for what the road trip is going to look like. We tell them how long they are going to be in the car for and when we've planned pit stops. We often have the older kits put a timer on their IPAD so they can check in on our timeline, and see how far we have to go (This helps prevent the constant question "how many more minutes??"... which after the 10th time, can make any parent go a little squirrelly) 

With Reese, we tell her we are going to be in the car for a LONG TIME, regularly ask if she has to go "tee-tee", and explain where the next bathroom will be (even if it's on the side of the road)  

This weekend, while we were at the Cabin, we kept the potty front and centre on the deck. This way it was accessible whenever she has to go!  

Knowing where to go and what to expect, helps prevents accidents!




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Happy Potty Training! 


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