Ladies, we're one week into the school year... how the heck are you making out?

I have to say, the first week was a bit of a blur for me. My daughter had her first day of JK on Friday, and honestly, the only thing I could think about was not letting her know how anxious I was about the whole thing. 

The good news is, the day went great! Even though there were a few tears in the morning, she had an amazing day and was so excited to go back this week! Her big brother helped with that! (Did you see my first day of school post on Instagram? It still melts my heart!)

Jamie Scrimgeour - Co-Parenting - First Day Of School

Now that we're back into the groove, I am REALLY starting to think about getting back into routine - including how I am going to handle healthy school lunches this year!

A few years ago I threw in the towel when it came to making my stepsons lunches, and passed the torch onto them. I was sick and tired of the healthy food I packed coming home untouched. Quite honestly, I don't blame them. I had a different idea about what a healthy lunch should include than what they were used to, so the backlash should have been expected #stepmomproblems

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With Reese starting school I've found new energy and am really looking forward to instilling those healthy eating habits early on. I'm even hoping they are going to rub off on the rest of the crew. 

A few week ago, I sat down with my good friend and Holistic Nutritionist, Natasha Bell of The Healthy Ginger to talk about all things healthy school lunches. 

Guys! This chat gave me just the motivation that I needed, and truly changed the way I think about the importance of healthy lunches for kids. 

If you don't have time to watch the entire video, Natasha summarized a few take-aways for us!  

  • Have fun with it! Seriously, mindset and the way you think about it is everything!

  • Use social media, Pinterest + old cook books for inspiration (doesn't need to look "pinterest worthy" just use this as a way to get those creative juices flowing).

  • Focus on including more quality whole foods that come from your own kitchen.

  • Get your kids involved whenever you can! Consider taking some input on their favourite foods, take them grocery shopping once in awhile, get them to chop up some food or if they are smaller just talking about food while they pack what you have prepared is a great start.

  • Challenge their pallets with different colours, textures, shapes and sizes.

  • Know where to grab some quick, easy, healthy and school safe snacks. I love Costco.

  • Invest in some quality lunchware - it lasts forever and makes packing the lunch much more fun!

    If you're not already be sure to go follow Natasha on Instagram and Facebook - if you're looking to amp up your families health this school year, she's your mama!

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