We are knee deep in the festive season, but for some reason all I can think about is my New Years Resolutions for 2017. Don't get me wrong, I am enjoying the celebrations and the parties, but I am so ... what's the word.... inspired? motivated? excited?... that my mind keeps coming back to 2017.

I am someone who love a fresh start... any chance to  reflect, plan and regroup. Monday's, September, January, the beginning of a new month. They all make me giddy!

So giddy that this time, I'm not waiting for the beginning of 2017 to get started! I'm starting right NOW!

Amongst the abundance of turkey, wine, turtles, shortbread cookies and cream cheese dips, and the never-ending "to-do" list that comes with the holiday season,  I'm diving head first into how I'm going to do things just a LITTLE better for 2017. 

Because there is no time like the present and I've learned you need to pounce on this type of motivation when it shows up, I'm going to give you the lowdown on my Personal Goals for 2017. 

Plus, there is something about publicly committing to something, that makes the commitment just a little more real. 

You may be asking, "Jamie, how can you commit to your New Years Resolutions this time of year when you're surrounded by so much delicious food?"

Well, because I am not committing to something unsustainable like eating healthy 100% of the time or taking out sugar for 2017. I know from experience that resolutions like that are out the window the morning of January 1, when I feel the aftermath of my beloved Pinot Grigio and need a bagel and cream cheese (or two) to soak up the excess!  

In fact, you could say that my first New Years Resolution is that  I will under no circumstance (unless recommended my a health professional that is) go on a diet in 2017. 

This year my Resolutions are all about living a balanced lifestyle, making better use of my time, and surrounding myself with people who make me belly laugh and who inspire me to be the best!

It is all about living a KICK-ASS LIFE!!

RESOLUTION ONE: It's all about Balance Baby! 

In 2017 I am going to listen to my body and fuel it with what it needs. Like I said above, no food will be deemed "off limits"

I will enjoy, I will indulge, but I will also make healthy choices. For me, it's all about balance.  

Plus, I know from experience, the moment I tell myself that I can't have something, I end up relapsing and eating about 10. It's pretty counter productive. 

Don't get me wrong, I totally believe in the power of fuelling your body with nutrient dense and clean food... not only because it's good for me, but because when I am eating better I just FEEL better! But enjoying a good piece of cheesecake after a rich and delicious dinner out on the town, feels equally as good. 


I'm going to listen to what my body needs. Sometimes it needs a green smoothie and other times it needs a piece of chocolate cake! 

If you ask me, life is too short to say no to dessert! 


I'm going to try and be a morning person every.single.day. For me, the difference between productive days and not so productive days lies in my morning routine. The days  I am up before the house and get my work-out in first thing, are always my most productive! 

Plus... when I have a great morning, and am productive throughout the day, I feel less guilty about my nightly glass of vino!  

RESOLUTION THREE: Don't Force Anything 


You've probably come across a post like this a thousand times on social media over the past few years! I know every month or so it pops up on my feed. But unlike some repetitive posts (cough, cough ** find your tribe and love them hard ** cough cough), I don't mind seeing this one over and over and over again. In fact, I think it's a great reminder. 

It may just be one of my mantras for 2017! Blended Family Life and Co-Parenting results in our life being complicated enough, I don't really have the time and energy to force anything else that doesn't come naturally!!


RESOLUTION FOUR:  DeClutter My Life 

I also don't have the time and energy to deal with things that well, take time and energy away from the things that are truly important to me in life!  (My husband, daughter, stepkids, family + friends, this blog and The KICK-ASS Stepmom Project)

I'm all about DeCluttering this year. Toxic relationships, useless crap in my house, junk mail... you name it. If it's not useful it's gotta go! 

{STAY TUNED A MORE DETAILED POST ON  5 WAYS TO DE-CLUTTER YOUR LIFE IN 2017... In fact, if you want to be sure you don't miss it, scroll down and sign up to have the post delivered RIGHT to your inbox as soon as it goes live! Trust me, this is a post you don't want to miss. It has some GREAT tips!}

RESOLUTION FIVE: Stop Being A Slave To My IPhone

I'm guessing that many of you can relate to this! I feel like I am a slave to my phone, and honestly it's becoming distracting. It's amazing what I can accomplish when put that thing in the cupboard!

The problem is, I am terrible and feel like  I need to respond to emails as soon as they roll into my inbox! And like I have to respond to every social media comment as soon as I receive the alert. 

The truth is, I don't have to one bit! It's all in my head. None of the emails or text messages I receive are Life or Death. In fact, the mere idea that I respond to them as if they are is laughable. They can wait! 

This year I'm going to utilize the somewhat foreign options on my iPhone like  'do not disturb' and 'airplane mode' and even ... wait for it... the OFF button!

I'm going to unplug for periods during the day, and shut that baby down before I go to bed.

(Right now, If I wake up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom, I'll check my phone and respond to any new emails... I'm that cray-cray)

I also have this thing called a house phone, and I'm going to start using it.  And there is also this thing called a phone book. If people really need to get a hold of me, they can call the house! (Crazy concept... I know!) 

That's it people! Those are the resolutions I am starting RIGHT MEOW!

It's all about balance, getting my arse out of bed, making good use of my time... and like I said... LIVING A KICK-ASS LIFE! 

Something tells me these Resolutions are going to be so enjoyable that they won't even seem like work!