Every time I hit up a hot yoga class (which lately is not that often), I say to myself “I really need to come here more”

I love hot yoga. I always have! But since becoming a {step}mom, my love for it has grown so much deeper!

And it’s not because of obvious benefits: sweating out toxins, increasing strength and flexibility, toning, focusing your mind, relaxation etc… etc…etc… 

Those are all great! And oh so amazing for the mind, body & soul!

But for me, the benefits are above and beyond all of that goodness! So good, that I need to share them with all of you!

So ladies, here are the reasons why I believe that every {step}mom should hit up a hot yoga class as often as she possibly can!

Number 1
The room is silent.

Yes, silent.

Like it’s a rule …. no talking!

Better yet, it’s a rule that people actually follow!

Silence! Absolute silence.

Number 2
When you walk in this silent room, you get to lay down on the floor and just be still!

It’s called Savasana. They say it’s the most important pose in the yoga series!

Yes that’s right, the most important pose in your WORKOUT is one where you lie down… and be still …in silence!

#bliss #heaven #dreamcometrue #neverwanttoleave

Number 3
As the instructor goes through the poses, in the silent room, she reminds you regularly “this is your practice… listen to your body… your body will tell you what it needs… you can go into Savasana at any time

Well people, she doesn’t have to tell me twice.

Many times my body tells me, “lay back down on that mat”

So I do

Because she said I can

I “savasana out

I say screw the workout and lay on the mat for as long as I want!

Because THAT is what my body needs!

#lyingstill #insilence #notalkie #bliss

Number 4
Have you ever been half way through an at home workout and hear “MOM!?!” or someone calling your name?

Have you ever stopped mid workout because you started to feel guilty about that never-ending to do list on your counter?

I’m willing to bet you have.

Well one of the rules of hot yoga is that you don’t leave the room until the hour is up.

Seriously, you’re not allowed to leave.

It’s a rule… that people actually follow

You’re forced to have that hour ALL TO YOURSELF!

Did you read that right? An hour all to yourself people!

No leaving. No to do lists. No one to serve but yourself.

Number 5
The room can be up to 37 degrees C . That’s balls hot!

So needless to say you sweat like a pig in a bacon factory.

Some may look at that as a negative aspect of the whole experience.

Not me!

Do you want to know why?

Well it means that you absolutely have to take a shower afterwards. There is no choice really, unless you want your whole house to wreak like body odour.

Fellow {step}Moms, please tell me you can relate when I say that sometimes there just ain’t time to shower. 

You say you’re going to do it later, putting it off and putting it off, and then all of a sudden it’s been two days and you’re standing in your kitchen wondering why you’re so itchy. It’s happened to the best of us (I hope)

Well there is no putting it off after hot yoga.

You get an hour of me time & the shower is the cherry on top!