Last night at about 8:30 pm, I made the strategic decision to call it a day. I put the whiney toddler to sleep, made sure the other kids were set up for the next day, crawled into my bed and hopped on Pinterest. I did this even though my laundry room floor was covered in dirty + clean clothes, my basement was trashed, and I had some work emails that I needed to reply to. 


Because I knew, that nothing good was going to happen if I tried to prolong the day. 

It was one of those nights where literally everything was pissing me off. I was irritated and annoyed by things that typically wouldn't have bothered me that much. 

Kids having to be told 45 times to get something done.
Toddler refusing bath.
Messy house after a busy weekend.

Those are all things that normally happen, but for some reason they were totally grinding my gears.

So before I had a not so great reaction to typical age appropriate behaviour, I decided to remove myself from the situation. 

I'm always preaching,

"The way people treat you is more about them than it is about you"

...and last night, my piss poor mood was indeed more about me than it was about anyone else in this house. 

When I crawled into bed and opened up Pinterest, I did a little reflection and asked myself

"Jamie what the heck is your deal?" 

Here was my answer! 

  • I'm so sick of feeling so unorganized and like my life is in complete chaos. We are going on our third month without a kitchen and as much as I am thankful for this reno, the whole washing my vegetables in the laundry room thing is getting pretty old.

  • For some reason, I am responsible for every.single.thing in this house. If someone can't find something at first glance, I am the "go-to" "Just look a little harder! It's right freaking there!"

  • We have been eating take out for as long as I can remember (take-out = less time at the laundry room sink) and my body is not used to eating this much CRAP!

  • Because of all of the above, we are not as organized as I like to be... and it's making me freaking squirrly!

With that, I closed down my Pinterest Page, opened up my passion planner and started to plan my day today! 

I did this because my answer to the question "What the heck is your deal" made me realized there wasn't really a deal at all. I just needed to get my sh*t together. 

So with my passion planner on my lap, and an empty wine glass on my bedside table (btw how did I allow myself to run out of wine in the midst of a "crisis?") I asked myself, "what can I do to get our life back in order?!"

Now there is nothing I can do about the kitchen, because that is outside of my control, but everything else I can try and get a handle on.

(The first step? Replenish that wine supply.)

You know, my "to do" list today includes the things that are normally on my Monday morning "stay-at-home-mom/work-at-home-mom" to do list... except that I am making a conscious effort to add more of THE TWO THINGS that help  "fill my cup"! 

A little self care + some quality time with my man! 

Those are the two things that fill my reserve and make me feel like I have the ability to take on anything that life throws at me. Like I said, they literally "fill my cup"

You're probably saying, "you have all that stuff to do, and you're going to take time to yourself and schedule a date? I don't get it"

Well honey, when my cup is full, I'm a lot more productive and a way better mom, wife and stepmom! 

So this week I've schedule in:

  • a "movie night" with my man

  • a date night for this Friday (Call me superficial, but there is something about skinny jeans and cute little booties that totally boost my mood)

  • and I've schedule in some "me time" every single day this week

"Me time every single day?" you ask? 

Damn right! I'm putting myself on the top of my "to do" list this week. That doesn't make me selfish or a negligent parent, because I know that's what I need to do to be a productive, patient and hopefully more organized....  

And to be honest, "me time" doesn't take that long! I've scheduled in work-outs and made a point of getting up at 5:30am so I can enjoy my coffee + plan my day before my daughter starts calling "Mommy, mommy, mommy" at SIX FLIPPING AM. A little "Me Time" is really not that time consuming! 

The amazing thing is, it's 9:00am on Monday morning, and I'm already feeling like I have my sh*t together again... even though my laundry room is still freaking trashed! 

The point of this rant ladies, is that if you're feeling a little irritable, not at your best, or like you too need to get your sh*t together... grab your organizers and schedule in some "me time" and fill that freaking cup! 

Happy FREAKING Monday!