It’s officially summer vacation for my two teenager stepkids. Next week, the two younger ones will also be on break.

As I said in my weekly email last week, summer can be a stressful time for me.

Last year, despite what looked like a perfect summer on Instagram, I was overwhelmed, stressed, felt like I couldn't get ahead, and truthfully, felt really unappreciated.  

I had a LOVE/HATE relationship with our summer vacation.

Come August, I couldn't wait to get back into routine. I was so overwhelmed that I vowed to myself I would never feel that way again.

(I want to emphasize, I vowed that I will never feel this way again. This is about ME! If I want to change something about how we do summer, I need to change something about how we do summer. Simply hoping that things are going to be different this year, is setting myself up for the same experience)

The truth is, while running this platform, creating content for this stepmom community, being home with the kids, making sure everyone is where they need to be, packing/unpacking for road trips and making memories, all on their own, bring me SO much joy - having to manage them all at once, makes me bat shit crazy!

That’s why I’m going into THIS summer with a plan.

This summer I’m doing things a bit differently.

Since you’re my people I want to be fully transparent about what you can expect from me this over the next two months. My primary focus being making memories with these (not so) little people - while they are still into making memories with me!


I’ve spent the past month recording episodes for the podcast - they will be released every Monday, starting July 1. Guys I’m pumped about what’s happening with the podcast. We have some phenomenal episodes with some killer guests recorded.

Here’s a glimpse of what you can expect:

  • The infamous Cat+Nat and I chat about motherhood, entrepreneurship and most importantly how to live a go f*ck yourself life

  • Kaitlin Hargreaves (Jillian Harris Make-Up Artist) and I dive into step-parenting, botox, self-confidence, weight loss, online bullies and eye-lash extensions. All the important stuff in life!

  • Family Lawyer and Divorce Coach, Leanne Townsend is back and we dive into Parental Alienation

  • Rebecca Eckler and I are reviewing her book “Blissfully Blended Bullshit”  (The first pages had me laughing out loud - there is some serious REAL TALK in this book!

And much more!!!

If you haven’t already, head on over to itunes and subscribe. There are 26 episodes already over there for you, so you have time to catch up before July!

Episodes are released on Mondays!
Available on iTunes,  Spotify and Google Play.


You may not know this about me, but I LOVE to go off the grid.

I love to go up North and get away from the hustle bustle of everyday life - I love the solitude and can go days without talking to another person (other than my husband and the kids)

This summer, we have 3+ weeks planned up north and I can’t wait to take some SPACE and have some R+R! I won’t be writing blog posts while I’m up there (unless something really fires me up) but I will be checking in on forum in The Exclusive Stepmom Community throughout he week.

I have to say, one of my favourite things about this platform right now is that I get to check in with all my people over my morning coffee! If you’ve been thinking about reaching out, or asking for some support - that’s where I’m going to be hanging out!

If you’re not in the community yet, enrolment is open for a limited time. At the price of a cup of coffee each month - if you ask me, it’s a total no brainer.

Heads Up: We’re shutting down enrolment for for July and August, so we can fully enjoy summer and fully support the women who have joined - so don’t wait to join!


In addition to engaging (with me) in the Forum, each month we release exclusive content that isn’t shared anywhere else. PLUS - we also host a monthly live Q+A where you can interact with each other and have your individual questions answered by MOI!

Upcoming content in the community includes:
How to save Money on Lawyer Bills with Family Lawyer and Divorce Coach Leanne Townsend

How to Co-Parent School Age Kids from a Teachers Perspective - we are interviewing 5 different teachers on what it’s like teaching children with divorced parents. We’re also diving into what parents can to do better this experience for their kids.

Get Ahead of Your Stepfamily Stress: How To Be Proactive Not Reactive With Your Stepfamily Stressors - If you ever feel like you’re consumed by the stress, or wish you would have reacted in a different way this one is for you!

We’re also going to be holding out Live Q+A over summer cocktails (recorded for those who can’t make it live)


While I won’t be posting weekly blog posts, I WILL be sending out my weekly newsletter with exclusive tips, strategies, mindset shifts and stepmomstories that I don’t share anywhere else.

If you haven’t subscribed - get on it girlfriend!

As I said I’m all about taking our relationship off social media and public domains. REAL Conversations amongst REAL friends need a little more discretion…. am I right?!

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P.S I’m also experimenting with video this summer!
So head on over to YouTube and subscribe to my YouTube Channel! I’m switching things up and want to take you along the journey with me!

PPS As always I’ll be hanging out on instagram, so if you’re not already, come on over!