Have I ever told you about one of my husband and I's first fights?

It happened on the first snowfall after we got engaged. We woke up in the morning to see the ground covered in white stuff. He was instantly giddy (the man loves all thing winter sports) and I was instantly in a bad mood. 

"What's your problem?" he asked. 

"I hate winter. Like I hate everything to do with winter... If I could hibernate until spring I would" 

Well, we actually got into a heated conversation about my "poor attitude". Apparently he was unaware that that I hated winter when he got down and popped the question.  He and the kids both LOVE winter sports

Always, to make a long story short, I had a choice. I could continue to be the Debbie Downer of winter or I could get myself some snow gear and try and change my attitude.

I choose the second.

Almost 6 years into our relationship, I still prefer the heat over the cold, however I have come to have an appreciation for winter sports, especially skiing. It's actually amazing for "family time".

In fact, skiing has become one of my favourite things to do in the winter (well, other than lying on a Caribbean beach with a Pina colada that is) ... 

A few weeks back, we took my youngest stepson and Reese on a little road trip to Holiday Valley in Ellicotvile. It's our favourite ski resort sand we make a point fo going at least once a season!

Last minute,  the older two weren't able to get off school, so they stayed back with their mom. It was pretty disappointing, but also gave us lots of one -on-one time with my youngest stepson, which is hard to get in a big blended family!  

Always, I blogged the getaway (and a major parenting we had with Reese) ... Enjoy!

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A huge thanks for Holiday Valley for hosting us again this year. As always, it was a phenomenal time!