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An Open Letter To My Stepkids

An Open Letter To My Stepkids


An Open Letter To My Stepkids

Dear Stepkids, 

I never thought I would be a stepmom. Never ever in my wildest dreams. But I'm here and I just want to thank you for being in my life. You three little people have changed my world. You've taught me so many lessons and I am so lucky to have you!

The first thing I want to tell you, is that I know how much it sucks to have divorced parents. Like it totally sucks! My parents split up when I was younger, and to this day I am still pretty ticked off about it.

I also want you to know that I think about how difficult everything is for you on a daily basis. Having two separate homes, two separate sets of belongings, and not being able to see your mom, dad and little sister everyday. It know it's pretty tough!

If I could change this for you, I would. Even though, if your parents hadn't had chosen to go their separate ways, you wouldn't be in my life, if I could give you this, I would. But because I can't, I'll just promise to try and be the best stepmom possible!

Over the past few years I've heard people tell you that you're lucky to have a stepmom like me. The thing is, they have it all wrong. I'm the one who is lucky. You three little people have made my life so easy.

When I decided to date your dad, I braced myself for some rebellion from you three. Some tricks, some attitude, some trouble. Because that's how I was when I was a child of divorce. I figured this was my karma. But that hasn't happened. 

You know, maybe if you were the stereotypical stepkids, I would have been the stereotypical evil stepmom. But you've made it so easy on me, so I guess we will never know. Either way, like I said, you three should be getting all the credit!

Thank you for being so patient with me as I adjusted to having life with kids .... Little shoes kicked all over, toys on the floor, constant background chatter, piles of laundry, the crazy extra curricular schedule. It was new to me and it took a while to get used to.

Thank you for being patient with me when I had no idea what to do when it came to being a stepparent... rules, structure guidance, school lunches, G rated language, dressing you in your hockey equipment. At first, all these simple tasks seemed overwhelming to me! But instead of rolling your eyes, you decided to show me the ropes!

Thank-you for not writing me off on the days when I wasn't at my best. The days when I felt overwhelmed and scared. The days when I may have been quicker to snap or seemed off on my own world! You could have chalked me up as that evil stepmom .... but you didn't.

Thank you for not making a scene when the server or teller at the store store refers to me as your Mom.  I know it's uncomfortable, but you handle it with grace and humour.

Know that now, when you leave and go back to your Mom's house, I am not thankful for the break. I miss you. I miss the little shoes kicked all over, and the toys and the constant chatter! I miss the lunches and the hectic schedule. All the things that seemed overwhelming to me at first, are the things I crave when the house is so quiet.

Know that even though I never thought I would be a stepmom... never in my wildest dreams. Now it is one of the favourite things about my life! 

xo Love always, 
your "step-monster" 


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