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I want to tell you guys something. 

It's something that you probably don't expect me to say. 

But it's the truth, and that's what I speak.

Today my truth is, sometimes I feel like a fraud. 

A complete and utter fraud.

Day after day I receive emails from you, looking at me as "step-parenting" expert. You come to me because you think I have the answers. 

Even though I regularly talk about what a hot mess I can be, many of you think I have it all together all of the time. 

The truth? I have some answers. I do have some pretty game changing strategies that if you choose to implement, will transform your stepfamily life for the better.

I can help you thrive amongst the chaos (and extra b*llshit) that can and does come with stepfamily life

I'm not going to lie, My KICK-ASS Stepmom Project,  it's pretty kick-ass. 

Not to toot my own horn or anything, but it's true. 

BUT that doesn't mean I have it all together all of the time. That doesn't mean that my relationship is perfect or that I have all the parenting/step-parenting answers. 

I am learning, growing and screwing up every single day (we all are!)

My husband and I fight. My daughter often doesn't listen to me. My relationship with my stepchildren isn't always perfect. Even though sometimes I go to bed feeling beyond blessed for the life that we have, other times I go to bed with stepmom guilt, mom guilt or wife guilt. Many times all three. 

SOMETIMES go to bed wondering who the hell I am to be supporting fellow women in living,  "The KICK-ASS LIFE that they'd deserve to live" ... because SOMETIMES I feel like I can't keep my head above water. 

Like I said, SOMETIMES I feel like a hot freaking mess! 

I'm not telling you this to put my credibility as a Life Coach or "Expert in Stepfamily Dynamics" into question.

I'm telling you this because as someone who puts themselves out there on the internet, I feel like I have a responsibility to be authentic and true ... to myself... but most importantly to you. 

We all follow people online. Their lives intrigue us. They motivate us and they inspire us. 

I know for me, no matter what their expertise, there is comfort in knowing that they are real life human beings, who don't always have the answers. 

Because the truth is, none of us have ALL the answers. Nobody has the perfect marriage, or the perfect kids, or the perfect life. 

I don't care what kind of "expert" you are. 

Well maybe not nobody, but I sure as hell don't know anyone who does.  

I am not all about perfection. But I can tell you what I AM ALL ABOUT. 

I'm all about personal development (Which by the way, I'd love to create a new name for because the term "personal development" sounds so damn cheesy) 

Whatever we decide to call it, each day I make the commitment to be better than I was the day before.  

Honestly, I think that that's all that anyone can do. 

With that, today I am feeling especially grateful for all of the loyal followers on my page. Your emails. your comments, your likes, they all fill my cup in ways that you will never understand. 

("fill my cup" - yet another corny analogy)

When I first became a Stepmom, I felt so alone because... like I've said over and over again, it was something that no one was talking about. 

My newsfeed was full of support for "real moms", but nothing for those embarking on step-motherhood. 

I am so thankful for all of you. For the connections we have made, for the community we have created, for how safe you have made this online world for me.

I can be vulnerable, I can be straight up... Heck I can tell the damn internet that somedays my life is a complete gongshow without feeling like you're going to judge (or click unfollow) 

I'm rambling now, but I just have to say THANK-YOU!

That is all (for now)

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