When Reese turned two I proudly announced that she was going to start Potty Training. We were going to tackle it head on.

I was confident that she was going to be one of the first in her daycare class to be diaper free!

I quickly transitioned her from diapers to Pull-Ups® naively thinking that the whole process would be smooth sailing!! 

Because well... it couldn't be that hard right?!


Don't get me wrong, the Pull-Ups are great. With the easy open sides, changes are quick and easy, and still allow her to feel like a "big girl"

But that's pretty much where our progress stopped. 


One year later, we still haven't fully transitioned her into the "big girl undies". She's still rocking the Pull-Ups like a champ! 

Although we made some serious progress last fall, we had major regression this winter!  

The truth is, with our hectic travel and extra-curricular schedule, we made one of the biggest mistakes you can make when it comes to Potty Training. We weren't consistent!!

Even though I vowed never to allow our week-on-week-off schedule with my three stepchildren impact Reese, it has. Her life one week looks very different than the next. As a result, her Potty Training schedule has not been consistent. 

One week we are pretty chaotic. At night, we are in and out of hockey arenas and soccer stadiums. The next, it's calm - just my husband, Reese and I. 

I'm sure I don't have to tell you, four kids can be a lot. Many times, something just has to give! Unfortunately, Potty Training was the first to fall off of our list. 

I've had some major "mom guilt" over this. In fact, for a while I was really embarrassed that we had let the Potty Training go by the wayside. (Especially since I publically declared my Potty Training mission, so many months ago)

But recently I've decided to not succumb to the vicious cycle of "mom guilt". I've cut myself some slack and have gotten back on track. 

In fact, we're so motivated that we've made a "Potty Promise" to ditch the diapers. Or in our case, the PULL-UPS!

As you know, I'm a big believer in seeking support when you need it. As parents, we often deem things to be common sense, when they just aren't. A little support from an expert can go A LONG way!

For us, the Pull-Ups Potty Partnership Starter Kit has been JUST the type of support we need to cross that potty-training finish line! 

FullSizeRender 3.jpg

For the first time in months I'm feeling confident that we're about to "ditch the pull-ups"

[Insert fist pump here]

Not only am I thrilled that we are on the brink of being training pants free, I'm also pretty excited about the lessons that I've learned on our Potty Training journey. The best part is, these lessons aren't just Potty Training specific, they can be applied to all areas of parenting!

You know me!! I'm all about chalking my failures up as life lessons, so I can keep on keepin' on!  

As I always say... 

"When you know better, you do better"

With the Pull-Ups Potty Training Partnership, I am definitely "doing better"


1. Every child reaches developmental milestones at different times. 

It's so easy to look around at other kids and think that your child should be exactly where they are.  

But at the end of the day, every child is different. Your kid will be ready for potty training, when they are ready for potty training. NOT when little Johnny from down the street is ready!

It's important to forget about other people's kid's, and pay attention to your own child's signs of readiness.  Pushing them before they are ready, will only make you (both) want to pull your hair out. Chances are it will also derail any progress you make. 

When it comes to potty training, some kids start as early as 18 months, other kids, like Reese, are wrapping it up at age 3. It's just the way it is. 

[If you're wondering if your toddler is ready to start Potty Training, take the Potty Training Signs of Readiness Quiz ... and Mama, if your babe is not ready, just relax and give it some time!]

2. Your child is unique. What works for one toddler, may not work for another! 

We've all caught ourselves saying things like, "Well so-and-so down the street read THIS book and potty trained her toddler from start to finish in just one day. I'm going to do that next week".

Like I just said, it's so easy to get caught in the trap of assuming that your child is just like every other. But I've got news for you Mama! They aren't! Children learn in a variety of different ways! There is no "one-size-fits-all" approach for teaching anything, especially Potty Training! 

While some children respond to modelling and exploring, other's respond better to positive reinforcement and sticker charts!

That’s why it’s important to customize your training according to your child's unique personality! 

3. Make it fun & exciting

Reese REALLY responds to positive reinforcement and rewards.

Sticker charts make her giddy, she's willing to do anything for a gummy bear, and she thrives off comments like "oh my goodness, you're such a big girl Reesey!"

When it comes to Potty Training, we're over the top with expression, little dances and rewards! 

When it feels like a chore, it's no fun for anyone! 


4. Consistency is Key

Like I said above, this has been my hugest struggle. I get caught up in the crazy schedule that comes with the older kids, and Potty Training just slips my mind... until it's too late!

With our new commitment to ditch the diapers (or the Pull-Ups in our case), no matter what we have on the go with the older kids, Potty Training is at the forefront of my mind! 

Heck, we have a potty in the trunk so that we are ready whenever and wherever! 

It's a good thing she finds going potty on the side of the road, so HILARIOUS!

It's a good thing she finds going potty on the side of the road, so HILARIOUS!


As you can see, we're are fully committed to Potty Training success! 



If you're a potty training mama (or step-mama) I have some GREAT news for you! I'm giving away a Pull-Ups Potty Training Starter Pack which is valued at $120!

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Not only does it have Pull-Ups, a potty and all the information you need to start potty training off on the right foot, your wee one will also get stickers, a sticker chart, colouring book, stuffy and soap and more! It's everything you need to make the process enjoyable for everyone involved!  

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