There are many challenges that I just anticipate when it comes to our blended family life. Things like scheduling, co-parenting, finances … all that fun stuff. 

However, every now and again, our blended family dynamic affects us in ways that I never anticipated. Potty Training is a great example of that. With the week-on-week off access schedule, our life one week looks very different than the next.

One week it’s just Reese, Darren and I. The next we have all four kids and spend our nights and weekends going from arena to arena, amongst all the other hustle bustle that comes with a house full of kids. 

When it came to potty training Reese, I thought it would be easy peasy. Boy was I wrong. 

I would be totally on my game for one week, and then when our schedule got a little more chaotic the next, things would slip and we would be back at square one. 

As much as I love to plan, I am naturally a fly-by-the-seatof my pants/most things are common sense kind of girl. Well, that was until I became a parent.

Over and over again, when it comes to parenting and step-parenting, I am reminded that you can't always "go with the flow" when you're raising children. Sometimes, you have to do a little digging, and well... ask for help! 

So when Reese and I were invited to come to Toronto and partner with Pulls-Ups for their #PottyPartnership Campaign , I was all YES! Especially because we had been using their products for months! 

Well, not only was the event an absolute blast for Reese and I... I learned so much from other Potty Training Moms and Parenting Expert, Alyson Schafer. 

My biggest take home? Our potty training problems weren't because Reese wasn't ready! They were because I wasn't being consistent.... which can be challenging when your life looks so different week to week. 

I also learned that I needed to stop listening to what everyone else was trying with their own toddlers, and start paying attention attention to Reese's unique personality. What works for one kid, may not work for the other!

It's crazy, I preach to my stepmoms that every family is different, but every now and again, I get caught in a a one-size-fits all perspective!   

Anywho, Here are some behind the scenes pictures of the event! 

All I have to say is THANK GOODNESS for Pull-Ups #PottyPartnership. Not only was it a great time, it gave me the tools and information I needed to get our Potty Training situation undner control! 

If you're interested, here's how the #PottyPartnership Works.
You take a quick quiz that determines your child's "Potty Personality"  

Squirrel, Owl, Puppy, Bear Cup or Puppy!

Then you're given all the information you need for potty training your babe according to their unique personality! 

Reese is an owl. She is persistent, likes to be in control and can be perceived as being "bossy" from time to time. (Yes, the quiz is THAT accurate!) 

The key to potty training Reese was consistency and making the process interactive, which is super easy with all the different games, activities and picture cards that are available via the Potty Partnership Website

It definately took the guessing out of potty training for me, and gave me the kick-in-the-pants I needed to start being consistent! 

If you're a potty raining mom or stepmom, don't make the mistakes I did. Educate yourself by taking the #PottyPartnerhsip quiz. 

... and be sure check out the #PottyPartnership website to learn more!

Good Luck! 



So many of you have asked about our potty training progress! Well, it's three months later, and we are going strong! In fact, I think we are almost in the clear. 

Reese doesn't know it yet, but her New Years Resolution is to be fully potty training! (fingers crossed)

However, like I wrote on my latest instagram post, our travel schedule during the next month is giving me a bit of anxiety. I don't want all of our progress to be de-railed by a lack of routine during the holiday season! 

Since I had such a great experience with Pull-Ups Potty Partnership, I decided to check out their website for some more potty training tips especially for travelling! Once again, they did not disappoint. 

If you're in the same boat, definitely check out these Potty Training Travel Tips - they are perfect for the holiday season, especially if you're lucky enough to be jet setting away with your potty training toddler!