Anyone who knows me knows that I absolutely LOVE a good photoshoot.

In fact, I have so many of them that a friend of my husband's asked me, “Do you have a professional photographer follow you wherever you go?”   My response was “I wish”.

I’m pretty sure he was making fun of me, but that’s completely okay! People choose to spend their money in different places, and I have no problem spending my funds on professional photography.

I absolutely love looking back on our photos weeks, months and years later! I love having the memories captured and seeing the creativity that comes out of each individual shoot. But what I love most, is thinking about Darren and I years from now, after all the kids are grown up, sitting around looking at all the old photos we’ve had taken. Let’s be serious, as crazy as life can get with  (step)kids, these are going to be the best years of our lives!

A couple weeks ago I had an old friend from public school, who has recently started a photography business, come out to our place and do a  “Lifestyle Shoot”. She captured us in our own home in a very natural way! Everyone isn’t smiling in each picture, in fact I am not sure if we have one “perfect’ picture of all of us, but that doesn’t matter because they are real!

I thought I would share a few!

A glimpse of our craziness!

It can get a little intense. 

An attempt at the perfect photo. 

Almost! It looks like Baby Reese has had enough!

A little moment between Mommy & Daddy!

My sweet baby girl!