Jamie Scrimgeour - Summer Reading List 2017 2

This summer I made the commitment to start reading more. 

So far I've done okay. By that I mean, I've managed to read one book. 

(Hey, when you were doing ZERO reading to begin with, it's pretty easy to make some progress) 

Over the next six weeks, I'm committed to amping it up. 

I'm going to unplug more. 
Read more.
Be more present. 

I've just finished "The Subtle Art of Not Giving A Fuck" by Mark Mason, and am moving on to the three other books on my Summer Reading List. 

[You can read Why I Think Everyone Should Read The Subtle Art of Not Giving A Fuck by clicking HERE - I'll confess, I did a little skimming in the middle. It got a little too detailed for my liking. But overall the book had some great nuggets and was a total game changer!]

As promised here are the remaining books on my Summer 2017 Reading List:

Jamie Scrimgeour - Summer Reading List 2017


I love Gabrielle. I find her Facebook Lives and Social Media Posts so inspiring. In fact, earlier this year she was a Keynote Speaker at a Conference I attended and I went a little Fan Girl!

That being said, I wouldn't describe myself as a spiritual person. I don't mediate, I have never been able to get there. (Truthfully, I haven't put that much effort into trying). However, everything about this way of life intrigues me, so I want to learn more!

Plus, Gabrielle is widely successful, so she must be doing something right. 

Click HERE to go check it out! 


Lately, I've been all about the Personal Development, however there is something to be said about getting lost in a good, juicy fiction. 

Emily Giffin is the author of some of my favourite fiction novels - The One & Only, Something Borrowed, Something Blue, Love the One Your With, are all can't put down, page turners in my eyes!

I've never disliked anything she's written! I don't expect that to change with First Comes Love! 


I've dabbled into The Desire Map on and off over the past year, and even though I haven't read it cover to cover, it's changed the way I go about Setting Goals.

Because the little pieces that I've read have been so impactful, I've decided to dive in and tackle it start to finish.  

In The Desire Map, Danielle Laporte talks about goals in terms of the feelings that are associated with achieving those goals. (It seems complicated, but it's not, so bare with me)

E.G. When you set a goal of say, becoming the CEO of your Company. It's not really about becoming the CEO, it's about the feelings that are associated with achieving that goal (power and/or success)

So the question isn't "What are your goals in life?" but "How do you want to feel?"

You're not motivated by the goal itself, but instead the desired feeling behind that goal. 

To give you an idea, personally, I want to feel helpful, successful, productive, ambitious, and healthy in life. 

I now set my goals according to those core desired feelings. I've discovered how I want to feel, and now set my goals accordingly. It's amazing how much more motivated I've become!

Now every morning, instead of writing down a boring "TO DO LIST", that seemed more like tedious and nagging jobs, I ask myself "How do I want to feel today?"
- and then I create my "TO DO LIST" from there!

Seriously, I'm crushing more goals than ever! 


Anyways, there you have it, the three books I hope to hammer through over the next six weeks.

If you have any reads the you think I should add to my list, be sure to send them my way. 

Until next time...