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I always say that one of the (MANY) benefits to marrying a man 13 years older than me, is that I'll always feel young, or at least young-ER. I joke about it a lot... I also joke about what my life will be like when I finally put my husband in "the home"  and hook up with the pool boy. 

(In case you missed it, I was joking there! We don't have a pool, let alone alone a pool boy)

I remember one night when I first started dating my husband, somehow he started talking about aging and wrinkles. As a 26-year-old who was still getting asked for ID at the liquor store, this was not something that I could relate to. 

At that point I was washing my face with whatever cleanser was on sale at the drug store, and not putting much (or any) thought into my skincare routine. It just wasn't on my radar.

Then we got married, I quickly learned about the extra stressors that come with marrying a man with kids, got my hands dirty in the parenting department, had an baby and really learned what it REALLY meant feel stressed and tired. 

They call wrinkles "life lines" for a reason ladies... real life was really starting to show on my face. 

One day, a year after my daughter Reese was born I looked in the mirror and realized my skin wasn't looking so great anymore. It was missing the "glow", I had bags around my eyes and was discovering new "laugh lines" that weren't there before (and I'm pretty sure they didn't come from laughing either)

I wasn't feeling (or looking) so young and fresh anymore.

Call me vain, but I really loved that youthful look ... let's be serious! Who doesn't?

I knew, that taking my makeup off with a baby wipe at the end of the day wasn't going to cut it anymore. If I wanted to get the glow back, it was time to get serious about my skin care routine... because after all, we only have one face! 

Straight up, I can be as cheap as the day is long and used to have a huge issue spending money on skin care ... but now when it comes to my face and my skin, I've become really picky about the caliber of products that I use... and I've seen a REAL difference. 

Other than getting questions relating to step-parenting, the two most common questions I get are about Reese's wardrobe and my skin care routine (which is odd because like I said for the longest time all I used were baby wipes and body lotion on my Face, and lately my most of the time you'll find Reese shirtless, in dirty sweatpants with chocolate all over her face!)

Either way, today I thought I'd switch things up and give you the low down on the skincare products that I am LOVING right now... because well, they're definitely worth talking about! 

Skin Care Routine - Jamie Scrimgeour - SkinCeuticals
Skin Care Routine - Jamie Scrimgeour - SkinCeuticals

I like to keep things simple. I'm not a product junkie and have always just used what's necessary!

In addition to a weekly face mask and a glass of wine (okay maybe the wine is more than weekly) here is my daily skincare routine! 

First, this MICRO EXFOLIATING SCRUB is hands down the best cleansers I have used in my entire life. I can't even tell you how clean my face feels after I use it. You can literally FEEL it take off all the excess guck on your face...

When I am too lazy to wash my face at night, I do still get make-up remover wipes from the drug store. However I have upgraded from baby wipes to products that are actually meant for the face. I've yet to find my favourite so if you have any recommendations be sure to send them my way!  

DAILY MOISTURE - My skin gets dry - like really dry and moisturizer is something I just can't live without! This one keeps my face hydrated all day long which is so important to me! That dry skin feeling makes this mama very irritable! 

PHLORETIN CF - Friends have been telling me to put Vitamin C on my face forever, but honestly I never wanted to buy another product (again, like I said, I can be cheap) but I'm so glad I took the plunge. This anti aging serum helps to reduce the look of fine lines and discolouration -  and honestly, since I've been using it, I've seen a major difference in my complexion. 

A.G.E EYE COMPLEX - this eye balm is in fact the bomb. It's again, by far one of my favourite products - I love that it's thicker and a balm, not a cream. It's an anti-wrinkle eye product that fight's the appearance of crow’s feet, dark circles, and puffiness... and I needed all of the above! 

I also try and drink as much water as I can during the day... and stay out of the sun!! 

It was actually kind of fun to switching things up and talk about something other than step-parenting ... so if you have any other questions about my routine or products that I use... be sure to let me know and maybe, just maybe I'll do a post on that too!  

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DISCLAIMER: I received products mentioned in this post in kind from SkinCeuticals, however as always, all opinions are my own!