Over and over I tell stepmoms (and "real" moms for that matter) that they need to make their relationship one of their top priorities! 

In fact, before they start The KICK-ASS Stepmom Project, stepmoms have to commit to scheduling in 4 weeks worth of “date nights”

The biggest rebuttal to this request is that people don’t have the money to go out on weekly date nights.

My response? “Who said anything about having to spend money?”

Date nights don’t have to cost a thing!
In fact, they don’t even have to be at night.

I challenge you to redefine what date night means to you. To make that easy, I'm doing the work for you! 

All you have to do is pick a few from the list below, and you're all set! 


1. Work-Out together. My husband and I go for runs together, even with the babe! She conks out in the stroller and it gives us time to catch up and get a work-out in. Two birds, one stone (and for the record, I am NOT a runner. I do this one for him) 

2. Set your alarm half hour earlier in the morning and have coffee + breakfast together before the rest of the house wakes up

3. OR set your alarm and just stay in bed & cuddle (pick a spoon!)

4. Have a good old fashioned "movie night". Everyone loves to snuggle up with some snacks and have a Netflick binge. (Cough, cough.... netflicks and chill anyone?

5. Send the kids off to play and have then have an "adult dinner" 
You still feed your kids, you just do it before! Have the kids eat first and then send them outside or to the basement... and there you go! Adult time SANS sitter)

6. Have a glass of wine after the kids go to bed…

7. Meet for lunch
(Okay this may cost some money but you’d have to spend it anyways)

8. UNPLUG before bed
Make a point of unplugging before you hit the hay, so that you are focused on each other, not on your screens.

My husband and I can get in the bad habit of jumping in bed and zoning out on our devices! It’s a terrible waste of time… If you haven’t had any QT all day, use this time to reconnect…




There you have it! Those are our Cheap Date nights! But I am sure you have some of your own! 

Comment below with your FREE date ideas! I'm always looking for new ways to squeeze in some alone time with my man! 


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