A couple weeks ago, my husband and I were lucky enough to get away to one of our favourite places... The French River. 

We are members of a houseboat up there. 

Now before you say get this picture of a luxorious houseboat in your head, you need to know this thing is a bit of monstrosity. It's about the next best thing to sleeping on the ground!

Either way, we love it. It's by far our favourite place in the world. But like I said, it's  roughing it. You're parked in nature, a pretty decent boat ride away from anything civilized. 

With all the joys of going off the grid, come certain risks. Risks like rodents and reptiles. Snakes and mice to be exact. 

On our third night in "paradise", my husband woke up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom.

Out he went, off the deck, to do his business. Well, in his midnight fog he forgot to shut the door! 

A few minutes later, after he crawled back into bed I feel  wet cold feet scurry across my bare legs. He felt the same thing and we both JUMPED out of bed... me a little louder and more dramatic than him. 

YEP! As I gave away in the title of this post, a freaking mouse had run into the boat, and into our bed...  and was now scurrying across the counter and down into the stove. (If you didn't know, mice can get into anywhere!)

Animal Lovers - you should stop here... because I'm not going to tip toe around what we did. We grabbed some peanut butter and we set a trap!  

While my husband set a trap, I curled up in the corner of the bed and had what felt like an out of body experience.  

Once the trap was set, Darren and I sat in the bed with our flashlights, and watched the mouse scurry all over the houseboat, just WAITING for him to find it's way to the peanut butter baited trap. Within minutes (but what felt like hours), SNAP, we got him!

My skin was still crawling, and I was still slipping out the odd grunt and scream, but I was so relieved.... UNTIl my husband told me he thought there may be a second mouse!

Hoping we would start over and catch number two I prepared to watch with my flashlight once again. I was sure my husband was doing the same until I heard SNOREEEEEEEE behind me! 

The bugger fell back asleep!

He clearly wasn't as disturbed by sharing our bed with a rodent as I was.  

To make a long story short, I laid in bed with my flashlight scanning the room for the remainder of the night, petrified that our little friend would find it's way onto my pillow. 

No word of a lie, I scanned the houseboat with a flashlight from 3am until sunrise, jumping at the slightest sound. 

Looking back it doesn't seem like that big of deal, and even as I type, I feel like it's a silly story to be retelling. But when I was in the moment I felt like it was the biggest deal in the world! 

I was scared. I was consumed. I wasn't thinking straight (because come on, it is JUST a little harmless mouse right?)

As I lay there, wide awake, my husband was sawing logs beside me, I kept giving myself a pep talk! 

"soon this will just be a memory"

"morning will come soon"

"this too shall pass" 

"Jamie, it's JUST a mouse!"

... all the corny sayings that people tell you when you're in crisis.... that don't really make anything better! 

And it didn't make it any better. Time didn't go any faster. My pep talks didn't make the experience any less traumatizing. 

But, the mouse incident, just like every other incident in life, took its course and became just a memory. 

You're probably reading this and saying "Okay, what's the point here Jamie?"

Well, the point is that everything DOES pass. Eventually, everything does become just a memory. Incidents that seem like they are the biggest deal when they are happening, turn out to not be as big of a deal once emotions are calmed and time has taken it's course.

So whether it's a mouse in your bed, a stepfamily stressor or a conflict with someone you love... remember that as time goes on this too will be just a memory! 


P.S Minus the traumatizing mouse incident, it was pure bliss! Here are some pics!