Hey there!

Well, we are officially in our summer groove over here! 

We just wrapped up our first week with the kids and it was full everything that summer should be!

Ice cream runs, batting cages, beach days, sleep-ins, and some serious giggles

(My stepchildren come every other week, so because of the schedule, our official summer kick-off was a bit delayed) 

For some reason, I'm more excited about summer than I have been for the longest time. I feel like a kid again! I think it has something to do my husband and I making an intentional mindset shift.  

Lately, there has been all sorts of bad news around us. People getting sick, tragic accidents, shootings, riots, you name it. 

I don't know if there has been an increase in the amount of bad news, or  my husband and I are just hearing it in a different way, but it has really affected our outlook.... and in-turn, our "summer goals"

This summer (and moving forward) we're all about making memories... about seizing the day, if you will!

We're about enjoying the moment, searching for the moments and living for the moments ... all around living a KICK-ASS Life. 

Jobs needs to be done at the house? Screw it! We're heading to the beach!

Is it past the kids bedtime but we are still having fun! Whatever, we can sleep in tomorrow and worry about bedtimes in September! 

Too much work to do? We're setting an early alarm so that we can make time for F-U-N! 

The way we see it, when life is all said and done, we aren't going to look back and wish that we had more structure and routine. We are going be thankful for all the times when we bent the rules and just enjoyed all the goodness that life has to offer. 

We're going to remember the beach days. The cocktails and late nights with friends. The ice cream runs. The clift jumping. The days just lying on a dock. 

Those are the moments that TRULY make up your life! 

(And with a 50/50 access schedule, those moments with the kiddos are already cut in half, so we have to take advantage of them while we can!) 

My wish for you this summer is that you can do the same. That you can make memories and focus on all the things that you have to be grateful for (and the things that you have control over)

I hope that you find time to  unplug and spend time making memories that the kids will remember forever!  

I love it when the kids say "... Remember that time when we [insert best day ever here]", and I'm all about adding to that list! 

This summer, I want you to give more time and attention to the people you love, and less time and attention to the stressors that may have been bringing you down!

If you ask me, life is too short and unpredictable to do anything but! 



Here are a few of my favourite snaps so far! To follow our summer adventures be sure to follow me over on Instagram! 


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