I've been a pretty big hypocrite lately. Well, not exactly, but kind of. 

You see, in all my work with my fellow stepmoms I PREACH & PREACH the importance of self-care, and "filling your cup" ... and well, for the past two weeks I've been running on empty. 

Somehow my needs have been put on the back burner and the never ending "to do" list that comes from running a household and building a business has gotten the best of me. 

Work-outs have been missed, drive thrus have been frequented, and well to be honest, shit is kind of hitting the fan around here! The house is a complete gongshow! 

So last night, just before the clock struck twelve, I decided to would reign it back in. And not in the, "before you go to bed you decide the following day you're going to get your shit together but you actually end up not" kind of reign it back in.

The serious, Mama needs a night away to re-group kind of reign it back in. 

So before I tucked myself in for the night, I booked myself a hotel room for TONIGHT!

You see, on Saturday I am attending the Cocolilly Social in Niagara Falls, ON (A Creative Event for Female Entrepreneurs .... which by the way, it still kind of blows my mind that I am actually a Female Entrepreneur, but hey, life takes you in crazy places if you're open to it)

.... So I decided that instead of waking up at the butt-crack of dawn and driving two and a half hours to the Conference, I'm going to get myself a hotel room... all by my self! 

I have to say that again.... just because it sounds so amazing! I HAVE A HOTEL ROOM ALL TO MYSELF! 

Yep! Tonight I have a date with a big white bed, a bottle of wine, my laptop, a bag of Miss Vickie's Salt + Vinegar Chips and I am going to RE-GROUP! (I may even do some sit-ups before bed to get my fitness back on track... actually probably not)

Now the reason I am telling you all this is because I want you to know that it is OKAY TO FALL OFF THE WAGON! It happens to the best of us, more often than we all like to admit. 

NO ONE is perfect all of the time (or ANY of the time)

Achieving BALANCE is almost impossible. 

The important thing is to recognize it.  To recognize when you're not feeling at your best, when your fuse is a little short, and well you're not functioning optimally. 

I personally feel like those never ending "to-do" lists that we have, are tackled a lot more efficiently when our cup is full! PLUS like I preach and preach ... when you're taking care of yourself you're better able to take care of the people who depend on you the most. 

The way I look at it, my husband, babe and those three sweet stepkids of mine are benefiting from this alone time EVEN more than I am! (no mom guilt here!)

Now off I go to get this household ready for a night without me! 

SIDEBAR: Isn't it funny that when a Dad goes away for the weekend, he packs his bag and goes. But when a Mom decides to go away, she feels the need to ensure that there are groceries, clean clothes, and a list of instructions? Seriously, I've even laid out clothing and pjs for the 30 hours that I am going to be away! ... Oh to be a dude! 

Have a fabulous weekend everyone!
I hope you all find time to do something that lights your soul on fire....
(and if nothing else, a bottle of wine or shot of something REAL hard!) 

xx Jamie

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