For weeks I had been telling everyone that our new addition would be born early. I even planned my schedule around an early birth and told Heather from HRM Photography that our maternity shoot needed to get done stat.

Over and over people told me  that typically first time mothers go past their due dates, however I knew better. I firmly believed that (and still do) that this baby is just like her mom, which means she is a LITTLE impatient and doesn’t sit around and wait for things to happen. Turns out, I was bang on!

Last Tuesday night after we put the kids to bed and were settling down for the night, my water broke. No pains. Just water. In the middle of the night we went into Stratford General Hospital and were told the baby was enroute. Still zero pains. I was dying of hunger and didn’t realize I would be put on clear fluids the second I was admitted, so when we were given the opportunity to go home and come back in the morning we took it! We went home, I had a gigantic midnight snack and we lay awake until morning.  The morning was NOT how I had envisioned the morning of my labour was going to be. It was actually one of the most productive mornings for some time.  We finished lunches, packed the kids bag for their weekend with their grandparents, made arrangements for the dog, cleaned the house, took out the garbage and even managed to get in a load of laundry. Once the kids hopped on the bus we headed to the hospital to have our baby.

Exactly 2 weeks early, Miss Reese Elizabeth was born on May 14, 2014 at 3:48pm.  I am still in awe of how much love I have for this sweet girl! She is the perfect addition to our crew! Now I am not only a step-mom and a wife, I am officially a mom! xo