Last week my hairdresser and I had a  brief conversation about motherhood, and the notion of having it all together.  

We both agreed, somedays we feel like we've totally rocked this whole motherhood gig and other days, well, not so much. 

[NOTE: She is a mom and as you know, I am a stepmom, and a mom. I don't typically use the words motherhood and step-motherhood interchangeably - because I learn each and everyday that despite many similarities, they are in fact very different. However for the sake of simplicity in this post, I am going to simply say motherhood... but you get the drift]


For us, this week is the first week back into routine after the holidays.  It's essentially our January 1. We took off on a family road trip last week, so the kids are heading back from Christmas Break a week late. (Because hey, you have to play hookie every once and a while right? )

I've talked to so many Moms over the past few weeks who have all said that their goal for 2017 is to "get their shhhhhhh together". 

Me too ladies. Me too. 

However I have come to realize AND come to terms with the fact that it is impossible to have your shhhhh together all the time!! Well maybe not impossible, but pretty damn close ... for me at least! 

Like my hairdresser and I said, somedays we rock motherhood and other days well, not so much. 

Well, I've made the decision that this week, I am going to ROCK it.  In addition to that, I'm going to be a DAMN good wife too! 

Here's how I am going to do it! 

1. First, I'm going to take my Christmas tree down. It's time right? 

2. I'm going to Meal Plan & Grocery Shop at the beginning of the week (in accordance with our crazy schedule) 

One of my biggest grocery shopping mistakes is that I buy a bunch of food with great intentions of making it, but I don't consider our schedule, and food just goes to waste and we find ourselves at Boston Pizza. For example, I'm NOT going to be able to pull off big complicated dinner on nights when both the boys have hockey. There just isn't time.  

This week I am going to re-kindle my love affair with my crockpot. It's been way too long!  

3. I'm getting my LAUNDRY done at the beginning of the week. 

  • No running around for clean pants when the kids are supposed to be at the bus stop

  • No 10pm loads of laundry

  • No trying to find matching socks last minute.

    Okay, actually, that's a lie. I have zero plans of tackling that basket of socks but you get the drift.

We're going to start the week with this laundry situation under control (ish)

4. Get my wifely duties & errands done at the beginning of the week. 

I don't know about your but I am a HUGE procrastinator when it comes to running errands. I don't know why, I just hate doing them. I have intentions in the morning and then I push the dry cleaning, push the stop at the drugstore and then all of a sudden it's Friday afternoon and my list of errands just didn't get done. 

This week I'm going to get the nitty gritty and tedious tasks off my "to-do" list first thing! It's the only way I can guarantee I am going to get stuff done!

5. I'm going to stock up on my beloved Inniskillin Pinot Grigo... 

Because let's be serious mamas, sitting down with a cold crisp glass of vino at the end of the day totally helps with the whole "rocking motherhood" thing

6. A POW-WOW with my man! 

First off, we are making a game plan for the week.

  • How are we going to tackle issues that have been arising with the kids so that we can present as a united front? (Don't fret, these issues are all age appropriate, but are behaviours that need to be tackled nonetheless.)

  • How are we going to coordinate our schedules?

  • Who is going to do what pick, up and what drop off?

  • What are our personal goals for the week? (When we share our personal game plans, we can support each other in making them happen.)

    I say GAME PLAN because in addition to being lova lovas, we are tackling the game of life as a team, so we need to always be on the same page (as difficult as that can be sometimes)

7. Fill my cup 

And yes I am talking about self-care here. In The KICK-ASS Stepmom Project, I encourage Stepmoms to schedule in some self-care each and everyday! (Key word being schedule it in)

Whether it be waking before the house to have your coffee in peace, meeting a girlfriend for a drink, snuggling up with a glass of wine and watching The Bachelor, or hitting up a hot yoga class, you have to take care of yourself. 

This week, I am taking my own advice! My Passion Planner has self-care scheduled in each and everyday because I know that when my cup is full... I truly do rock this motherhood thing! 

8. Schedule in a Date Night

In our Pow-Wow my husband and I are going to look at our schedules and find time for a DATE! Nothing re-charges my battery like ditching the yoga pants, throwing on some skinny jeans and heels and having a relaxing dinner with my man! 

[If a dinner out is not in the cards for you this week, check out my recent post on 8 Dates That Won't Cost A Penny]

9. Unplug Each and Everyday

I've been on my phone ALOT lately. Whether it be for creating content or managing social media for the blog, I feel like the thing is always in my hands. And yes I know that comes with the life of a blogger, but honestly I find it freaking exhausting! 

This week I'm making a point to ditch the iPhone, and wait for it, actually turning it OFF for at least 6 hours a day. I'm going to be more present with the kids, with my husband and a whole lot more productive around the house! 

10. I'm going to delegate 

Yes, kids need to be kids. However, having little to no responsibility in life isn't teaching them jack about the real world.   And hey, if they can work an iPhone, they can work a damn dishwasher and washing machine! RIGHT?

I'm a bit of a perfectionist, so sometimes I decide to just do things myself, but as I have learned during the weeks when things are a complete gongshow around here, I can't do it all! 

This week, I'm going to ask the kids what they want to help out with, and each and everyday they are going to have some jobs to do! 

(You may be thinking, WHY ask them? WHY not just tell them? - Well I learned very quickly that when they have come up with the idea themselves, the job is actually way more intense!

"I was just hoping you'd unload the dishwasher, but sure you can mop the floors and clean the bathroom... giver!  [insert stepmama fist pump here]

There you have it ladies! My game plan for rocking motherhood this week...  

I'm going to wrap this post up now though, because as you can see from the list above, I've got some shhhhhh to do! 

Happy parenting, or step-parenting... whatever you've got on the go this week!