As a kid my mother said to me…

“Jamie I love you, but I don’t like you right now”

As a young child I remember thinking to myself “well that was pretty rude”

As a teenager, I thought “how could you say that to your own child?”

As an adult with a 15 month old who has refused to nap, has gotten into everything that she can possibly get into, and who has both head butt and bit me in the past hour, I totally get it!

This is going to be short and sweet… because like I said, this kid won’t nap… and this day has turned into a total crap show.

I just wanted to write to all you moms, stepmoms and anyone in a caregiving role who scrolls through social media feeds that make it seem like parenting is this blissful experience, each and everyday and let you in on a little secret… it’s not.

Parenting is trying, and stressful and especially on the days when you get head butt and bit on the cheek… parenting can be quite painful.

The good news is, in a few short hours… it’s “wine o’clock!”

Happy Monday!