A few weeks ago, one of my stepsons got grounded from his phone for a week. We anticipated a not so great reaction, but the opposite happened. He was more present, he was happier, more engaged ... I'll be straight up and tell you it was GLORIOUS and a wonderful change of pace. 

That glorious week inspired us to put some restrictions on the kid's screen time (yes I know, we were a bit behind on that... but better late than never)


Last week was one of those weeks for me. I was spinning my tires. The kids had more appointments and obligations than usual and we had some pretty heavy personal stuff going.  Most nights I lay awake worrying... and scrolling through my phone.  

In the morning, I was so tired my face hurt. I couldn't get organized and despite a never ending to-do list, I couldn't seem to scratch things off.

Instead, I caught myself meaninglessly scrolling through my social media feeds, responding to emails that could wait... and like I said, being unproductive!

I'm a blogger. Social media is my job.  It's how I make connections with women from all over the world... it's how I do what I do. For that my iPhone has been one of the best things that's happened to me.

However it's been one of the worst things too! 

  • Lately I've found myself picking up and checking my phone whenever I have second.

  • Meaninglessly scrolling through social media, checking email when I should be doing 100 other things

  • Checking 2-3 times while I am in the grocery store.

  • Checking every time I get back into my car from running an errand.

  • Yelling "hang on a second" when the kids call my name. Too busy on my phone... looking at nothing important.

  • Getting lost in the world of Insta-stories and .... then inevitably comparing my life to the lives of others.

No wait... comparing my life to other people's highlight reels (There is a big difference) 

On Friday I found myself feeling unaccomplished, exhausted, overwhelmed and in a CRAP mood. 

Enough was enough! I decided to ground myself from my phone too.... 

I needed a break from the outside world. 

I needed to reconnect with what is important. 

From Friday until Sunday night, my phone was off. 

Seriously, I had my husband physically take it from me (self-control is not one of my strong points)

Here's what happened: 

  • I mirariously found the time to do things I've been saying I don't have time to do...

  • I caught up on laundry

  • I cleaned my car (anyone want to know what happens to a Tim Horton's Muffin when it's hidden in your glove compartment for several weeks?)

  • I actually TALKED to my husband while we drove to my sisters house on Friday night, instead of talking while checking messages and responding to comments

  • I was engaged. I was present

  • I woke up sans alarm

  • I wasn't worried about taking photos for my Instagram feed or blog... I was just there enjoying the moment

  • I actually watched an entire movie (instead of getting wrapped up in messages WHILE watching)

  • I made banana bread

  • I worked out

  • I had the BEST uninterrupted play with my daughter

  • I had the most productive weekend I've had in a long time and even had time to take 3 HOUR NAP! (l love naps!)

Turns out those "quick" scrolls and 5 minute checks of the phone quickly add up....

Guess what? When I turned my phone on Sunday evening, I didn't miss anything important. I had some funny text messages from girlfriends, some messages from family wondering what's up, a few work emails.... but nothing truly IMPORTANT or TIME SENSITIVE. 

It was a huge reminder that I am not a doctor, or someone who is "on call". I'm a blogger. When I turn my phone off for a few days, everything is still alright in the world! 

In fact, on Sunday everything was MORE than alright in the world... 

Because instead of feeling unaccomplished, exhausted, overwhelmed and in a CRAP mood.... I felt accomplished, refreshed and restored! 

I'm going to ground myself from my phone more often! 

I think it's time to be just as concerned about my own screen time as I am the kids! 

Something tells me our family is going to be better for it!