Have you ever heard me say, when you're in a blended family even the simplest things aren't simple?! Well it's true. 

Things that "first families" don't have to think about, often require extra thought or an extra conversation when you have kids transitioning between two homes - that includes things like clothes and belongings. 

I think I can speak for anyone in a co-parenting relationship when I say that it is SO FREAKING FRUSTRATING when your kids/stepkids take something to their other house... never to be seen again. 

Okay maybe that's an exaggeration, but it's like pulling teeth to get them to remember to bring it back (even though they promised they would)

I can honestly say that in my early stepmom days, THIS was one of my biggest stressors. 

I literally used to lose sleep over under armour sweatshirts and skinny jeans from Joe Fresh. 

Not anymore!

I know that many families decide that stuff at Dad's stays at Dad's. and stuff from Mom's stay at Mom's - but honestly, that doesn't sit right with me.

Yes there are things that absolutely stay at each house but I also think it's important to put yourself in the kids shoes. I can't imagine only being able to wear my favourite jeans every other week, or not having access to my favourite toy. 

That's why, in our house there are lots of things that that transition back and forth. 

Yes, it takes a little more thought and effort. Yes, its annoying as can be when the kid's forget their stuff. Yes, it requires a bit more planning... BUT we do it for the kids!

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