8:00am this past Friday, I sat in my car outside my chiropractor and realized, holy cow I did it!! I was 15 minutes early for my appointment. Kids on bus, baby to daycare, and I made it to where I needed to be with tonnes of time to spare (I even showered)! I had done it. I had gotten my sh*t together!

Flashback to a month or two ago (exactly how long, I have no idea, days go by in a blur)

I was trying to get three kids out the door for a hockey game
There were no matched socks in the house
Despite my attempt to do laundry all week, no one could find anything to wear
And to top it all off, I had forgotten that I had washed all the winter coats … WASHED NOT DRIED …. and I had one little boy, with a soaking wet coat, who needed to be at the arena in 10 minutes

I was running around, trying to find clean clothes and socks, get bottles, blankets, diapers and the thousand other things you need to bring when you take a baby outside of the house, all while blow drying the sleeves of a now only damp winter coat (In retrospect, I should have just put it back in the dryer, but let’s be serious, I wasn’t on my game!)

When all was said and done and everyone was buckled into the car, I took a moment to breathe and decide whether I wanted to scream, cry, or unbuckle everyone, bring them back into the house, and then get back into my car and drive far far away!

I didn’t scream, I didn’t cry, I didn’t abandon ship. What I did do was vow that I was going to get my sh*t together! I could not live like this anymore!

Since I made that vow, I’ve been making little changes here and there and things have slowly improved!

But last week, it was a real focus for me! As you can see, according to my Passion Planner I wasn’t screwing around!

Naturally I’ve decided to share my top five strategies with you! Because if I am running around like a crazy person with a blow dryer trying to dry a sopping wet coat, someone else has to be too (I hope).

1. Give Yourself Permission to NOT Have Your Sh*t Together!
It takes the pressure off!
We’re busy! There are a billion things going on in our lives! Things get missed… you get behind… you show up late…that’s okay!! Life goes on. Did everyone (eventually) get to where they need to be? Is everyone fed? Kids still alive? Pets still alive? If so, chalk the day up as success!

2. Designate a Specific Time/Day for Laundry
In this house, our laundry room can be a total gong show! It’s my most hated job, and until recently I could not stay on top of it all!

I used to do laundry randomly throughout the week. I would throw a load in whenever I had time! I thought this was a good way to stay on top of things. WRONG! I would get distracted, not have enough time to finish the job, laundry would stay in the washer for days and get all skunky, other loads stay in the dryer and get all wrinkled.

What did that give me? A whole lot of skunky and wrinkly clothes, and no one had anything decent to wear!

Now I designate time. I do it, complete it and it’s off my “to do” list for the week. The result? No Less skunky & wrinkly clothes! WIN!

3. Implement the One Touch Rule
I came across a post on a great blog called  Mother’s Niche! Here’s how the blogger’s husband (who funny enough was the one trying to teach her the rule) explained it!

Let’s say you come in from outside and take off your jacket.  You then conveniently drape your jacket across the back of the couch and go about your next activity.  Next, someone comes over and wants to sit on our couch so you quickly move it to the counter.  Later you are making dinner so you finally move your jacket to your closet.  How many times did you touch the jacket before you put it away?  3 Touches.  Let’s say you come home, take your jacket off and put it straight in your closet…how many touches would that be? … ONE TOUCH!”

Mother’s Niche, you have one smart man on your hands! Please thank him for me.

Now this task is easier said that done but I’ve been slowly teaching the kids (and myself!) how much easier it is to do things right the first time! The end result? Less crap lying around the house & less time spent looking for crap lying around the house! WIN.

4.  Put Important items in a Designated Place
To take the one touch rule a little further, I’ve started I’m trying to remember to put my keys, wallet, sunglasses and purse in a designated spot every time I come in the house.

I don’t want to even think about all the time I have spent running around the house looking for these items, while the kids are waiting in the car! Getting out of the door in the morning was taking an extra 15 minutes every time because I could not find a thing! Not only did this result in me being late, I started off the day frazzled and stressed! Not fun!

Now, I can grab my stuff and go. I’m not rummaging through bags and coat pockets looking for things. Common sense right? (If only common sense was as easy as it seems)

5. Ask for help!
Sometimes us women caught up thinking that we have to do it all! Nope, that’s not the case. You’re husband and kids are more than willing to help out! They may not do it exactly the way you would, but that’s totally okay!

When it comes to getting kids to help out around the house, I learned pretty quickly  just how much they WANT to help! You just have to do it in the right way. Don’t wait until you’re super behind and stressed to bark  orders at them. Think ahead, and tell them what they can do to help out and what it would mean to you if they chipped in. Also tell them what it would mean for the family. The quicker things get done, the more time  there is to do fun things!

For example,
“Hey guys, if we can get these jobs done before 7pm tonight, we will have time to have a family movie night… There’s a lot to do but I think if we all chip in we can make it happen. Who wants to help?”

You’ll be surprised how quickly things can get accomplished!

There you have it, it’s a work in progress but things are looking up for the Poptart!

If you have any other strategies be sure to shoot me a message and comment below…I  would love to hear what other parents are doing to keep things a float!

Have a fabulous week!!