Family and friends often make comments about how we are "always on the go". It's true. We are.

We LOVE to jet-set off for a weekend, go up to cottage country, get away from the hustle bustle of everyday life, get some fresh air and just unwind. 

To say we are a pretty active family is an understatement. My husband and I have a "work hard/play hard" mentality and all about experiences and making memories! 

However, with kids ranging in age from 2 to 14 I'm sure you can see how it can be a bit difficult to choose a destination where everyone wants to go to. 

We either have a cranky toddler on the verge of a textbook tantrum or cranky teens wondering why we can't unplug with a WIFI connection. (They clearly don't get the concept of unplugging) As a parents, both situations are equally as painful. 

Plus, if you have kids or stepkids of you own, you know that packing everyone up can be... well ... a lot of work. Kids come with A LOT of stuff! 

But time and time again our ski vacations have proven to be a getaway that the entire family enjoys... and worth all the prep! We specifically LOVE our trips to Holiday Valley Resort in Ellicotville NY. 

Whether it be hitting the slopes, hanging out in the hot tub & outdoor pool, or having some apres ski and mini hot chocolates at the infamous John Harvards.... when we make that 3 and a half hour road trip, we unplug and get this, actually hanging out as a family!

It's always an absolute blast!

Holiday Valley isn't kidding when they refer to their resort as the "Just Right Family Vacation" . It really is "just right". 

But before you get the impression that we have this picture perfect ski vacation time after time... I'm going to be straight up with you. As I put in an instagram post, while we were up at Holiday Valley, our vacation was great, but it wasn't perfect! Not even close. Because no vacation is, especially when you have the whole fam-jam in tow.  

The truth is, when you're travelling with kids, any of the issue that you're dealing with at home are more than likely going to come along with you. It really is just a change of scenery.

But you can't let the unrealistic idea of a "perfect vacation" or those little blips of behaviours de-rail your getaway. 

As Angie Campanelli said in a recent stepmom feature, "parenting can be incredible and brutal in the same day - in the same moment even" - and that is VERY true for family vacations. for us at least.  

The good thing is, if you can let go of the idea of the "perfect family getaway" amongst the nitty gritty of parenting, you can make some pretty great memories, and have some pretty perfect moments.... 

And that's what keeps us packing up and hitting the road time and time again! 

Here's a little glimpse of the highlight reel from our "just right family vacation"! It was another "perfectly imperfect" road trip for the books!


DISCLOSURE: I received compensation in return for this post, however the opinions expressed in the video and blog post are my own.