Earlier this week, I had the pleasure of being a guest on Social Common Live! Amongst Parenting Expert Kelly Bourne and Kate and Amanda DesignI had a very quick yet candid chat with the Social Common ladies about my take on life as a stepmom. 

You know, something pretty amazing happens when you get a group of like-minded, supportive women in a room together! Lots of wine, lots of laughs and most of all lots of women who whole heartedly believe that other women deserve to, and are capable of, kicking some serious A** in life!

You can check out the show below!

DISCLAIMER: The original recording didn’t work so we needed to do a “do-over”.

No worries! No stress! Just a nice reminder that in life there is always room “second take”and well, another glass of wine!

And hey! In case you missed it, last week I had the privilege of sitting down with the amazingly talented and beautiful Vanessa + Melissa to do a little #MommyTalk. #Mommy Talk is a Weekly Vlog they do that addresses real life Mommy Issues… again in a very candid way!

If you’re interested in hearing more of my Step Parenting tips, Vanessa, Melissa and I talk about my 5 Tips On Being a Kickass Stepmom! {Check it out below!}

Vanessa & Melissa also have their own Talk Show on Rogers TV... Right after our Mommy Talk we jumped on set and filmed a segment that will be airing the beginning of November.

Stepmoms, tis is something yo won't want to miss

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