Over the past few months I've been contemplating the future of this blog. 

Since I have made the commitment to be completely transparent with all of you, today I thought I'd give you a little update on the direction I am going to take. 

Because well... this blog is just as much for you as it is for me. 

First, I am not just a stepmom

(and neither are you!) 
I am a wife, a mother, a friend, a sister and a lover of so many things unrelated to stepmom life. 

So moving forward, your going to see me branch out a bit with my content. You're still going to see the same old content aimed to inspire and support all you stepmoms and blended family mamas, but the overall goal of this blog is going to shift.

Now my focus isn't just to inspire you to be a KICK-ASS STEPMOM, but to live a KICK-ASS LIFE as well! Because if you ask me, that is just as (or even more) important.

So if a recipe helps make my life a little easier? I'm going to share it with you. 
If I found a new organization strategy? It's coming your way!
If I need a vent session about something completely unrelated to stepmom life ... brace yourself. 

The blog isn't going to be as stepmom specific as it is going to be about "Our Blended Family Life", and everything that makes me tick (and keeps me sane) 

I'm taking this from a part-time job to a full-time job

As you may or may not know, I do make money from this. 

While my main focus is to inspire, connect and support this KICK-ASS Community of women, I do have a family to support. 

And either I go back to "work", or I amp things up a bit!

I cannot tell you how blessed I feel to be able to combine my true passion with my "job".  So first and foremost, thank-you. 

Moving forward, In addition to The KICK-ASS Stepmom Project and my one-on-one coaching services, I am beginning to partner with Brands and Products that I truly love.

Brands that resonate with me. 
Brands that make this whole parenting/step-parenting gig just a little easier. 
Brands and Companies that I believe contribute to the overall goal of living a KICK-ASS Life. 

[Click here to see past partnerships with Pull-Ups and Holiday Valley)

I want to grow this community 

When I started this blog, I had no idea that I was about to connect with likeminded women from all over the world. (My latest message was from Brazil... how crazy is that?) 

[To join my online solution-focused Facebook Group for Stepmoms click .HERE]

In fact, writing this blog and connecting with all of you has made me realize JUST how many stepmoms were feeling the way that I was feeling once-upon-a-time.

So many were craving real life, positive solution-focused support. Looking for someone who could remain positive while keeping it real about the inevitable challenges of stepmom life. 

I want to continue connecting with & and reaching stepmoms from all over.. I want to grow this community! 

Last week i had a conversation with a good friend who had no idea that in this online world our success is measured by numbers. Specifically likes, shares, comments! The more people interact with our content, the more social media (facebook, twitter, instgram) show our content and the more women we get to connect with. (See the cycle there?!)

So if you're digging the content I put out, show me some social media love by clicking LIKE!

If you're feeling especially generous leave me a comment and share with the Stepmoms in your network. Every single engagement matters and it is appreciated more than you know! 

Also, because this is just as much for YOU as it is for ME, I want to know what YOU want to know!

Reach out to me if you'd like me to answer a question. 
Reach out to me if you have a topic you'd like me to cover... 
Because if you're craving information on a topic, you can bet your behind that someone else is too!

I'm Putting Myself On A Schedule ... FINALLY

Up until now, I've released content sporadically.

I write, I record, and I post with no particular rhyme or reason. It's worked so far, but now that I am trying to amp things up around here I decided it's time to listen to all the "blogging gurus" who have been telling me for the past few years that I need to get on a schedule!

So, moving forward you can expect fresh unique content on Tuesdays + Friday! 

(Hold me to that okay?!)

Anyways, that is all!

If you have any questions or comment, please feel free to reach out to me! 

... and well... I guess I'll see you all on Friday!


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