This past weekend my husband and I went away, JUST the two of us.
This is the first time in over a year that we have had ABSOLUTE alone time…
Now many people will say, you guys go away all the time.
Yes that is true… but not just the two of us.
Many times it’s full of business conferences, kids or other obligations.
This time, we went away just him + I!

And we literally had to take a 5 hour drive + a 2 hour boat ride to get away from all the hustle bustle of life…

The drive was long and the trip was short, but goodness gracious was it ever worth it!

Now I’m guessing you didn’t predict that this romantic getaway would take place on this … well… trailer on water! But it did!

This is where we have to go to clear our minds + actually UNPLUG! It’s one of my favourite places in the whole world!

ONE of the reasons is that THIS is where it all began for us.

You see three years ago, this is where we went for our first ever trip together (he really pulled out all the stops eh?)

We came up here and spent a full 6 days in that trailer on water, docked on that very rock. 4 of those days we didn’t see a soul.

Prior to that we had been doing the whole dating thing. Late night phone calls + seeing each other whenever there was a free moment. But after that trip we decided we didn’t want wake up without each other anymore (cheesy I know, but it’s what we said!)

So we drove home, picked up my stuff and I moved in! Hell we figured if we could live in such remote conditions for a full week and not get sick of each other, surly we could tackle anything the world had to throw at us!


Here’s a glimpse into our short but sweet weekend away!

Morning coffee should always be this relaxing! 

Even in a poor quality iPhone selfie, my husband is a total babe!


Here's what we do... 
He fishes...


You can't beat that view! 

It doesn’t get any better!

Now it’s your turn! Plan a weekend, day or night away with your significant other! Get away from the world, unplug and reconnect…

I make it no secret that on top of self-care, my relationship with my husband is my number one priority!

What about the kids you ask? Yes they are right up there too, but I aways make sure that we are feeling connected, strong + united. That relationship is the foundation of our family, when we are strong, we are fully prepared to handle anything the crazy world has to throw at us! And we are way better parents/{step}parents to four amazing kids who deserve to have us at our best!


Have a Great week!