Over the past few weeks I've been doing a lot of reflecting on 2016. It's been amazing, challenging, uplifting, heartbreaking, exhausting, enlightening, inspiring and a year full of memory making with the people I'm lucky enough to call family and friends. It's been pretty much what life is all about... ebbs and flows! 

When I reflect back on not just 2016, but on life in general, it's clear that  despite all the challenges life keeps getting better and better. 2017 is going to be no exception.

In my recent post "Why I'm Starting My New Years Resolutions Right Now" I mentioned that a big part of my Personal New Years Resolutions for 2017 involves Decluttering My Life! I promised you a post about what EXACTLY I mean by that! 

It starts with the way I am looking at my time. Moving forward I am going to think of my time as being a valuable resource. A limited valuable resource that must be used wisely. 

Our life is full of so many distractions. Not just when it comes to our time and material things, but also what grabs and requires our attention. 

in 2017 my number one resolution is to be very deliberate about the people and things that receive my time and attention, with an overall goal of living a KICK-ASS Life. 

I am going to weed out the distractions and  be deliberate about where I put my time and energy. If it's not aligned with my goals then thanks but no thanks! 

To start, it really boils down to figuring out EXACTLY what living a KICK-ASS LIFE means to me!

What do I want to achieve in all areas of my life? What are my goals? Personally, professionally, individually, in my family, in my relationship, in my friendships, in my personal development...

Without getting into too much detail about what I've got going on, I'll sum it up!

  • I want to be inspired

  • I want to have time freedom

  • I want to laugh... ALOT

  • I want to hug

  • I want to kiss

  • I want to make memories

  • I want to relax

  • I want to step-outside of my comfort zone

  • I want to help people

  • I want to spend time outside

  • I want to take everything I am doing to the next freaking level!

  • I want to look back on my life and say "man I rocked that"

So I've taken a look at all the people and things who I have given my time and attention, and asked myself these questions: 

  • Who/What has inspired me?

  • Who/What has motivated me?

  • Who/What has distracted me from doing the things I should be doing?

  • Who/What has discouraged me?

  • Who/what has brought me down?

  • Who/what has encouraged me?

  • Who has supported me?

  • Who has called me out when I need to be called out?

  • Who has kept me accountable?

  • Who has made me laugh so hard that my belly hurts?

Those questions have led time to decide the 5 THINGS I AM GOING TO DO TO DECLUTTER MY LIFE IN 2017.


I love the internet for so many things. The opportunties and connections it has brought me continue to blow my mind, but it also has this nasty way of distracting me from doing the things that I really should/want to be doing.

In 2017 I am going to be very deliberate about the way I use the internet!


I am going to unsubscribe from all the email lists that are no longer serving me. As a blogger and entrepreneur I totally understand the premise behind building an email list, but I'll be honest, I think that this whole email thing has gotten out of hand. 

Every store I have ever purchased from does NOT need my email.
I do NOT need to receive emails from every blog I have ever read.
If it is no longer useful to me, I am going to scroll right down to the bottom band hit UNSUBSCRIBE, because like I said above, my time and attention is valuable and I don't have time for the clutter that comes with an inbox full of junk! 

If I need your information, I will seek it out! 


I am going to tailor my newsfeed according to the information that I want to see! 

Did you know that you can do that? That you can go onto facebook and unfollow (but not unlike) posts that you no longer want to see. 

I don't need to see the posts from friends who do nothing but bitch and complain about anything and everything
I do NOT need to see the posts from friends who take every opportunity to BRAG about all the awesomeness happening in their life 
I do NOT need to see information that is not useful, inspiring and/or uplifting.
I do NOT need to be bombarded by negative Nancy's
I do NOT need to see depressing news
I do NOT need to be sold products that I do NOT need

Like I said, thanks but no thanks!

When I log on to Facebook I want to smile! End of Story! 

Too much useless information is coming to me via the internet ... it's time to DECLUTTER the noise! 


Hey,  I'm not going to lie.... I love stuff. I love to shop (Just ask my husband)

But do I think that material things are the key to happiness? Hell no. But there are a lot material things that I LOVE enough to say that they bring me some serious joy. (Like a new pair of lululemons... judge me if you want, but a fresh pair of tights DOES make me happy)

That being said... too much stuff is distracting, exhausting and results CLUTTER and MESSINESS ... which then results in me getting grumpy and irritable and ultimately having to spend time cleaning up... which takes away from the time I have to do the things I SHOULD be doing. 

Again, thanks but no thanks!

I've found this 30 Bags in 30 Days Challenge on Pinterest and I am going to take part. Over the next 30 days I am going to fill 30 Bags of useless crap in our house and say GOODBYE!

I will donate, I will sell in my Mommy Facebook Group, I will chuck it in the trash.


If it is not bringing us any joy or providing a purpose... it has to go! 


A few weeks ago a girlfriend wanted to plan dinner with us on a weekend, and we literally don't have anything until mid February. We are busy.... and somehow our schedule fills up uber quickly, and I think it has to do with the fact that we are always saying YES even when we want to say NO. 

With kids, work, extra-curricular activities and everything else, we are busy enough! Our spare time is limited... it's time to start being deliberate about the extras that we say YES to, so that we can make time to spend with the people we WANT to spend time with! 

When I am at a social event I want to laugh, I want to feel like I'm in a judge free zone, I want to be so deep in riveting and/or silly conversation that all of a sudden I realize that it's 2am.

I want to wake up in the morning saying, "WOW that was a blast last night!" instead of wishing that I had curled up in my flannels and watched Dateline (which by the way, I also REALLY love)

I believe we are so exhausted because we are saying YES to so many things that really we want to say NO to.  After a night out we're left feeling depleated. I don't want to feel like that! After a night out I want to feel like I've just filled my cup...


Naturally I am a caregiver. And well... I am a bit of a control freak. I like to have my finger on everything and make sure that everything and everyone are okay. And it's exhausting.

I often take on others responsibilities to help them out, leaving my own "to-do" list un-touched, ultimately sacrificing my own progress. 

I'm not saying that helping people isn't a good thing. I'm not saying I am going to stop helping others in 2017. What I am saying is that I am going to re-evaluate where I lend a hand, 

 I've come to realize that I am not responsible for other adult's happiness, for keeping the peace and making sure that everyone and everything is okay...  especially when it comes at the expense of my own progress.

So in line with De-Cluttering My Social Circle, I'm also going to start saying NO a bit more... and I'm not going to feel bad about it!. 

So there you have it! That's how I am going to DeClutter my Life in 2017. If it's not aligned with my goals, it's not getting my time and attention! 

I encourage you to do the same... start to look at your time and energy as a limited valuable resource... because that's what it is!