Everyone has good days and not so good days.

Personally, I know what I do on the days I feel like I can tackle the world, and the days I feel sluggish and discouraged.

I’m sure if you think about it, you do too!

The question is… if we know what makes us have a good day and a not so good day, then why do we ever have the not so good ones?

As part of my “De-Clutter Your Life” mission for 2015,  I’ve decided to really focus on setting myself up for a good day. In doing this, I’ve realized it all happens in the morning! 

So here’s what you’ve gotta do…

1. Wake up before the house
I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, this is the NUMBER ONE key to starting your day off right! (FYI saying this doesn’t mean I consistently do it… it’s a work in progress)

tidy up, get organized for your day, eat breakfast in peace, read your book, do your work out, journal, whatever!

get your day going before all the craziness begins!

2. Set a timer on your coffee maker
& drink your coffee in a motivational mug! You can’t start the day pissed off when your java is hot and ready for you to drink out of a cup that says  “Good Morning Beautiful” or “Be Awesome Today“. It’s just not possible

3. Have a healthy breakfast
I know there are lists upon lists of the reasons why you need to start your day off with a healthy breakfast and I used to read them and say blah blah blah! I’ve never been a huge breakfast person. In fact, most breakfast foods make me gag, except for Bagels & Cream cheese and we all know that a daily dose of bagel and cream cheese can have serious consequence for the A-S-S. But seriously,until recently it was either a bagel or I would go until 3pm without eating! No wonder I wasn’t feeling my best!

In the past several months I’ve really started to appreciate the importance of treating my body right! And since I started making myself choke down  a wholesome protein packed breakfast and my daily supplements in the morning, my energy level is at an all time high! (It has nothing to do with the pot of coffee I drink right?)

4. Work out before 10am
Get it OUT of the way! Release those happy chemicals & sweat out anything that’s stressing you out! Best part is, if you work out in the morning, you’re less likely  to blow it off!

(For those of you who are heading to a 9 to 5, I guess we all know what you’re doing when your alarm goes off!)

Get it done!

5. Plan some me time
Ask yourself, “When am I going to have time for me today?” If it’s NEVER – fix that!
Schedule even 15 minutes to read a magazine, call a girlfriend, hit up a yoga class or hell, if you’re a mom, find a way to go to the washroom without a little person banging on the door or lying at your feet on the floor. No matter what it is, find something just for YOU! It will give you something to look forward to!

6. Show some love!
Kiss your husband (or even go a little further if you know what I mean), tell your kids how awesome they are, send a friend or family member a nice message, leave an unexpected thank-you note to brighten someone’s day! Showing gratitude has such a positive affect on everyone around you!

I strongly suggest to implement these 6 things into your morning routine, or heck why not make a list of your own! Either way, make a commitment to have a great day and the good vibes will be flowing!