We’ve had one amazing summer! Lots of memories, lots of beach and water time and well not so much in the way of structure and routine!!

As much as I love vacations and flying by the seat of my pants, I get a little giddy thinking about getting back into routine this fall! Structure + organization make me excited all over! And this year we need a complete overhaul!

If you follow this blog, you know that I pretty much acquired a family over night! And WHEW what a learning curve it was. Especially when it came to the parenting tasks I thought seemed pretty simple! (I’m referring to the whole before school + bedtime gongshows… I was so naive)

At the beginning, the chaos was driving us crazy, so we knew we needed to make some changes ASAP. Kids running around wondering what to wear, random things being thrown into lunches, homework being done when we should be heading to bed, it just wasn’t working!! (Please tell me you’ve been there too!)

With a crazy extra curricular schedule for three babes, a baby toddler who is finding her wheels, and a week on week off schedule (that believe it or not can really throw you off your game) we need to keep things organized or we find ourselves running around like chickens with our heads cut off (and hitting up the drive thru more often than we should!)

Despite a few blips, and a few falls off the wagon, here are the 5 things that help us run a seamless ship! (And the 5 things I am so excited for come fall)


When I really have it together, on Sundays I take some time to plan the week!! And honestly, you should too!
Take a look at your schedule, and make your meal plan accordingly!
THEN write your grocery list and get that done!
Come home, cut up your fruit + veggies and prep any food you can for the week! It makes school lunches and meal times so much easier to whip off!

You know what they say… “A Sunday well spent, brings a week content!”


… because you guys are a team REMEMBER?
Check in and see what the other person has on the go for the week
Who is doing pick up, drop off, meal prep?

Do this so you’re not barking at each other come Wednesday when you realize you both have appointments at the same time the boys need to be taken to hockey!

Also,  check in and see if the other has any goals they’d like to achieve that week. This way you’re better able to support each other in making it happen!

Do you want to work out everyday? Let him know so you guys can plan for it, and he’s not ticked off Wednesday after hockey when you’re running off to the gym and leaving him with the “Mad Minute” homework game!


Even when you just want to lie down and go to bed ….
Even when you say, “oh I’ll just do it in the morning!”
just make the freaking lunches!

…. and while you’re at it, put the cereal, bowls and utensils on the table for breakfast!
It’s just one less thing you have to make happen in the morning!


Even when there doesn’t seem to be time
Even when you say, “oh I’ll just do it in the morning”
Just pick the freaking clothes out

… this way you can be about 90% sure there won’t be any morning outfit meltdowns and/or a child running around looking for their favourite pair of pants!


In the morning, we have a list of things that need to be done before the kids get the TV or IPad
… it includes:
– make your bed
– get dressed
– eat breakfast
– brush your teeth
– put your lunch in your backpack

Seems pretty simple, but as you know those electronics can be pretty distracting!

Before this rule they seemed to “forget” to do those simple grooming tasks until about 2 minutes before the bus was scheduled to arrive, however it’s never been a problem since!!

Now, they know that if they “forget”, the electronics are gone for the day.

And if you’re saying to yourself, “that seems harsh”... I should mention that they haven’t forgotten since! Everyone is all set to go each and every morning … MOST mornings!!


If you have any other tips or tricks that you do to keep things in line come September or if  you also get giddy thinking about structure, organization + routine, comment below! I love hearing from you!