Lately I feel like there has been a lot of conversation over the cleanliness of people's house on social media.

You're judged if your house is too clean. You're judged if your house is too messy. Heck, apparently the cleanliness of your kitchen has become another area of motherhood where you're damned if you do, you're damned if you don't.

Do you want to know something crazy? I get JUST as many comments about the cleanliness of my house in my Instagram pictures and videos, as a I do about any other topic! 

They aren't always positive either. 

I could write the most inspiring and/or controversial caption on my picture and there response will be "how do you keep your house so clean?" 

Here's the truth. The MAIN FLOOR of my house is clean 90% of the time. Yes it does get dirty and cluttered, but when it does, you can bet your ass that I (or the kids) are going to be cleaning it up stat. 

Why do I think this is important?

Because I personally enjoy a clean house, I am happier when my space is clean and tidy. I am more productive. I am less irritable. It makes me a better Mom. 

It doesn't mean that I forgo making memories with the kids. It doesn't mean that I prioritize cleaning over quality time with them. It means that I either make memories with a clean house, or I make memories and then clean up my mess. 

Is my house in pristine condition all of the time? No it's not. 

There are rooms in our house that do tend to get cluttered and disorganized. The toy room in the basement looks like a bomb has gone off, the laundry room is in desperate need of an overall, our garage could be in an episode of Hoarders, and our office is the room where paper tends to pile. However, our main living space is typically clean.  

Jamie Scrimgeour - How I Keep A Clean House

Like I said above, I've received some online slack for this. (Part of me wants to tell these people to stop scrolling through social media and trolling pictures of other people's clean houses, and take that time to clean their own... but I won't. Oh wait, I guess I just did)

However, just incase you're wondering how we do it, here are the 6 things that we do to keep our main space clean and tidy! 

The 6 Things We Do To Keep Our House Clean

1. We have a cleaning lady

I see your eyes rolling. You're probably saying, "It's easy to keep a house clean when you have someone cleaning it for you". 

And you're right it is. 

Every week we have a house cleaner come in and do the deep cleaning! I recommend this for every single family who can make it happen, especially if like me, deep cleaning isn't your strongest skill.  It's like we hit a RESET button on our family, and start the week off with a fresh house and a fresh start.  

Even when money is tight and we are cutting unnecessary expenses, the cleaning lady stays a priority. I'd forgo drive through coffee, take-out lunches, shopping trips and any other extra in order to get my weekly reset. 

(Seriously, if you would love a cleaning lady but can't afford it, I recommend that you sit down and add up how much you spend buying your lunch or getting take out coffee... It's all about where you want to allocate your funds) 

2. I clean the kitchen every night before bed

I never go to bed with a messy kitchen. 

The sink is empty, the dishwasher is running, the counters are wiped, the floors are swept and anything that has been left on the counters finds it's home. 

One of my favourite things to do is wake up before the house, and enjoy my coffee in peace. A peaceful coffee in a clean kitchen? Well that's even better.

3. We don't allow the kids to dump their stuff when they walk in the door

Every child has a hook and a bin. When the come home in the door, we've taught them to hang their coats and bags, and put their shoes away. 

If they forget, they are reminded to come back and do it right. 

We prevent a pile up of shoes at the door by putting shoes we don't wear on a regular basis in the closet/cubby where they belong. 

4. The kitchen is not a dumping zone

It's easy for the kitchen to become a dumping zone for unopened mail, bills to be paid and letters from school etc...  When I clean the kitchen every night, this all finds it's home. 

5. I purge

If I have no use for it, it has to go. Trips to Goodwill make me giddy. I love my paper shredder. I'm all about selling things on Mommy Facebook Groups and Kijiji! It helps prevent unnecessary crap from lying around and collecting dust! 

THIS is a bit of a battle between my husband and I, who loves to keep everything under the premise "we may need to later.." He hates throwing ANYTHING out! For example, once upon a time I threw out a basket full of socks that had holes in them, only to find him picking them out of the garbage. 

Needless to say, I purge when the guy is gone to work! 

6. The kids are expected to clean up their crap

When the kids play with a toy, or bring something out, they are expected to put it back afterwards. Some would say that sounds strict, but is it really? Is it really that ridiculous to teach children that when they take something out, they put it back afterwards? 

I don't think so. 

But then again, I recognize that every parent is different. Every parent has different priorities and a different way of running their house.  There is no right or wrong, just THIS is what works of us. 

Oh three different occasions I've been called "un-relatable" because my kitchen is so tidy

My question is, why do you even care? 

I don't judge you if your house looks like a bomb went off each and everyday, But don't judge me for wiping my counters and putting my crap away. 


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