The other day, it was just a regular night in our home. My husband had just returned from work, Reese was colouring and I was making dinner. 

As he and I went back and forth about the happenings of our day, my my two-year-old daughter turned to him, looked him straight in the eye and said "Daddy Shut Up"!

Our eyes widened. 

I'm not going to lie, I kind of smirked, as parents tend to do when their child utters their first profanity. 

"What did she just say?" he asked, as we stared at each other in shock. 

Well, there was no time to dissect, because she looked at him and said it again. This time with just a little more emphasis on the "SHUT.UP"

The thing is, shut-up isn't something that is in either of our vocabularies. A few other four letter words? Well maybe. But not "SHUT-UP"

We haven't heard the older kids say it either. She must have picked it up from a television show or "Little School" 

Either way, I was shocked.

But it was a bit of a parenting "Ah-Ha" moment. A much needed reminder that this kid, like all kids, is a sponge. 

As the week went on, and we worked on replacing "SHUT-UP" with "Please Be Quiet" ... I started doing 5 Other Things....

Things that had both absolutely nothing and everything to do with my sweet baby girl's newly acquired potty mouth. 

1. I started to be active every day
2. I started to eat healthier and get her excited about healthy snacks as well.
3. I started looking for a local charity to become more involved with, in a hands-on way. I also went through our belongings and donated stuff we no longer need.
4. I started kissing my husband and telling him I loved him EVEN MORE.... 
5. I stopped being so serious, and made a conscious effort to seek out laughter and silliness just a little more than usual  


Hearing shut-up come out of her mouth made me stop and ask myself, "Am I modelling the type of person that I want her to become?"

The answer to the question was both YES and NO. 

There are so many things that we are doing right. But there are so many more things that we can do to model the things that we truly value in life.... heath, activity, charity, philanthropy, love and laughter

To be honest, I'm kind of thankful for the whole "shut-up" incident. It was a parenting kick-in-the-butt that I needed. The first of many, I'm sure!