Does anyone else feel like Valentine's Day is a bit of a controversial holiday?

As I wrote in last years Valentines Day post I feel like there are two types of people in relationships, those who love Valentines Day and those who think it's just an over-commercialized Hallmark Holiday slash money grab! 

I totally get the "over commercialized Hallmark holiday" bit, but I still think that we you should celebrate anything. The way I see it, you should never give up an opportunity to show your loved one just how much you care... even if it's just with a little love note! 

I also think it's a great way to model a healthy relationship to your kids. Dad's, you need to show those boys how to treat their ladies!! If they see you treat your wife like she's your world, they'll grow up to do the same!

This year Valentine's Day lands on our "week on" with my stepchildren. In previous years we've had a fun family night together with chocolate covered strawberries, heart shaped pizzas and way too much sugar... but as the kids get older, this has become less appealing for them! In fact, when I brought it up a few weeks ago, I got a few eye rolls! 

So this year, we're going to take advantage of the fact that my stepson is legal babysitting age, order the kids some pizza  and squeeze in a (much needed) date night at Pazzo, one of our favourite local restaurants (Reese is absolutely thrilled to spend the night with her brothers)

 Stratford and area peeps, you're not familiar with Pazzo, you need to get familiar! They have a Pizzeria downstairs and a Taverna upstairs, and it's always de-freakin'-licious!

However, if a date night isn't in the cards for you this Valentines Day, I have an IDEA an idea for you. A day date!

A few weeks back, the kid's extra-curricular schedule made a date night next to impossible, so Darren and I met up during the day for a quick bite and a drink. It wasn't our ideal long romantic date, however it was just what we needed to fill our cup and and re-connect... and hey sometimes a glass of wine at lunch is just what you need! 

Actually, as much as I love a good night on the town, sometimes I actually prefer to date during the day, especially on our "week-on" with the kids! Here's why!


This isn't as much as issue now that my stepchildren are older (and don't really want to hang out with us) - but when they were little we always tried to schedule date nights when they were with their mom. When your time is limited you want to get as much quality time in as possible, which is why we used to feel so guilty when we got a sitter during our "week on". 

Meeting for lunch while they were in school allowed us to stlll have alone time during our "week on", while not missing out on valuable time with them! 


If the kids are in school you don't have to worry about a sitter! SCORE!


Darren and I try and schedule our "day dates" mid afternoon. He pushes his lunch so we can miss the meal time rush and basically have the pleasure to ourselves! 


In most situations lunch is cheaper than dinner! Plus, the booze bill is always cheaper (or non existent) when you have to get back to work!  

No matter what you do, or what time you do it, I hope you have a great Valentines Day

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