If you've been following along on my Instagram Stories you know that for the past month, the best word to describe me is a HOT MESS!

In the words of my husband, I've been the most unorganized organized person he knows. 

Flying by the seat of my pants, running around like a chicken with my head cut off just isn't my style. It's not how I roll. I absolutely hate feeling so flustered all of the time. 

So like everyone and their Mom, this year My New Years Resolution is to get my shhhh together! 

The overall theme for 2018's Resolutions is to work towards goals that, for the most part are simply unattainable. The Resolutions aren't going to be something that I can just cross off my "to do list" - they are going to be a constant work in progress

For 2018 I'm going to work towards the unattainable goal of "balance" and being deliberate about how I spend my time. Oh and I'd really like to get organized and healthy too! (real original eh?)

When it comes to balance, organization and living a Healthy Lifestyle, sometimes I feel like I am totally on the ball and other days not so much. 

Since I am all about being realistic and recognize that "life happens", the goal ofor 2018 is to have more days that I am on the ball, than days that I am not. 
Some of 2018's Resolutions are a continuation of habits that I have created this year and some are brand spankin' new! Either way, I'm all in and already starting to implement this change! 

(I'm not sure who is more excited this mission to get my shhhhh together, me or my husband) 

2018 New Years Resolutions 

Get back on the mat

 This year my exercise regime has been mediocre at best. I am an all or nothing kind of girl, and lately it's been more nothing than all. 

Like everyone and their Mom, regular exercise is on my list of New Years Resos for 2018.

Looking back, my body was at it's best when I was going to regular yoga classes - so this year I am going to lose the excuse "I don't have the time" and make yoga a regular part of my schedule. 

Not only is it phenomenal for the bod, but it clears my head and forced me to unplug for an entire hour. And hey, lying on a mat in savasana in complete silence is every moms dream, right?

En route to  Moksha Yoga  

En route to Moksha Yoga 

Be Present & Get A Handle On The Whole Work/Life Balance Thing 

Last year one of my resolutions was to stop being a slave to my phone, and despite a few days of "unplugging" here and there - the resolution was an epic fail! 

Over the past year, this blog and community of women has grown substantially, and I am so thankful for that. But with that, the workload has also grown too. Working from home is bittersweet, because even though it comes with convenience and flexibility, I don't get to  "leave work and go home" - Work and personal are intertwined. 

For 2018 I am am going to implement some boundaries & strategies to separate the two! To be honest, I think my husband and daughter are starting to get annoyed that I am always on my phone and laptop. 

Go back in time and use a good old alarm clock 

Moving forward when I get into bed for the night, I am going to leave my phone charging downstairs. Currently I use it as an alarm clock, so it's right beside me for most of the night. I find myself checking emails and meaninglessly scrolling before bed, checking social media first thing in the morning, and even turning it on in the middle of the night when I go to the washroom.  It's a bit ridiculous!

I've ordered an alarm clock - so the excuse "my phone is my alarm clock" is no longer applicable! I'm actually kind of excited for my nightly shut down! 

Schedule My Social Media & Email Time 

Alerts on my phone drive me crazy, so I try and respond (or at least read messages) as they come in. While this seems like it would help me stay on top of things it actually derails my productivity because I am constantly going back and forth between responding to emails and comments on social media, and doing what I really need to be doing.

I am also constantly working on my blog while I should be spending time with my family - too often I say "just give me one second, I need to respond to this" to the point that my daughter is starting to say "I don't want you workin' Mommy"  (I know, it breaks my heart)

I am going to turn off the notifications on my phone and only answer during those scheduled social media times.  Let's be serious, I'm a blogger, not a doctor... none of these emails are emergencies or time sensitive! They can wait!

Schedule Weekly Wife Day (or two)

Jamie Scrimgeour - New Years Resolution

After Reese was born my husband and I decided that I wouldn't return to my job as a Child Protection Worker so that I could stay on top of stuff around the house and be there for the kids throughout the day. It's not for everyone, and definitely not something that everyone understands, but it's the right choice for us. 

Like I said above - over the past several months I have become a real hot mess in the wife/home department. My "wife jobs" as I call them have really been slipping, and our home has become a bit chaotic. 

Multi-tasking hasn't been working well. I start a load of laundry, get caught up in a project and forget about it until 3 days later when it smells all skunky. I plan on going to the grocery store, picking up the dry cleaning or doing my husband's books, and then I get caught up doing something on the blog and before I know it the day is over and the kids are on their way home. 

Something has to change, and stat! 

 Starting now, each week I am going to designate a "WIFE DAY".

This day will be dedicated to those stereotypical 60's housewife jobs e.g. laundry, cleaning, organizing, food prep, supporting my husband and doing whatever needs to be done for the kids.

Moving forward there will be "Blog Days" & "Wife Days"  - it's time to amp things up in the organization department. No more multi-tasking. No more skunky laundry. No more forgotten dry-cleaning. 

Amp Up The Morning & Night-time Routine 

Jamie Scrimgeour - Passion Planner

One thing I am doing well, is my morning routine. This routine has done wonders for my productivity and helped me become a better wife, a better mom and a better stepmom.

You can read all about it in a recent post: How Becoming A Morning Person Has Made Me A Better Mom

But, since there is always room for improvement, for 2018 I'm ready to amp things up 

Daily Personal Development

Jamie Scrimgeour - Personal Development

Growing up my mom would wake up super early to sit in a comfy chair, sip on her coffee and read her personal development books. It was a non-negotiable part of her daily routine - and I thought it was the weirdest thing ever!

Now, years later, I'm trying to implement the same routine into my morning. Why? Well it helps me start the day focused, motivated & inspired - AND if you read any article that lists what the most successful people in the world do each and everyday, personal development is almost always part of their morning routine. 

Plan My Day The Night Before


This is something that I usually do in the morning, but I'm going to start doing it before bed instead! This way, I'll wake up  focused and clear on what I need to get done... and well... have more time for the personal development (and maybe get back on that exercise train?)

More Moments Like These

Jamie Scrimgeour

I recently signed this one up for Junior Kindergarten, and it surprisingly hit me hard! She's growing up and is already a real life KID... not a baby anymore! Where did the time go?

One thing that I have learned from being a stepmom is that time REALLY does go fast! The older ones are more about their friends than they are about family...  and I really do miss the family time we used to all have together. Even though it's all age appropriate, it's still a little heart breaking!

It's taught me to not take any days for granted, and to soak up as much quality time and make as many memories as possible! I know she's only three but like they say "the days are long but the years are short" 

Even more incentive to put that phone away! 

Now on to the fun stuff. One of my favourite New Years Resolution Traditions is to get some new gear and accessories to motivate change. There is something about a new notebook or planner that inspires me to get organized, and a something about new work-out outfit motivates me to get my butt to the yoga studio. 

So today, I thought I'd share my 2018 New Years Resolution Must Haves!!

2018 New Years Resolutions-2.png

2. THE PASSION PLANNER - I've been using this planner for the past three years and I LOVE IT. Not only does it allow you to separate work and personal "to dos", it has a section where you can set goals, reflect on the past month, and really get clear on what you what you want to accomplish! Highly Recommend! 
3. Large Pencil Pouch - Because the amount of time I spend looking for my favourite pens is mind-blowing! 
5. THE COMPOUND EFFECT - By far, my favourite personal development book! An absolute must read. 
6. FREE RN RUNNING SHOES - Love these because you can wear them casually or to work out. 
7. SWAN SMOKE PEN- because list writing is that much better when you have a nice pen
8. FRESH PRESSED JUICE - by far my newest obsession! I can't believe the changes I've noticed in my skin & energy level! 
9. THE YOGA (UN)MAT - These is nothing worse than slipping all over the mat when you get all sweaty at hot yoga - this mat absorbs the moisture and helps you keep your grip. I've actually had mind for over 5 years! 
10. NOVELY MUG - It's no secret that I love a good inspiring novelty mug mug! I never give up the opportunity to add another one to my collection! 
11. Lap Desk - Makes working in bed so much easier!
12. FAUX FUR THROW - Hands down the most beautiful and comfortable throw around. Goes perfect with our bedroom decor and makes cozying up with a good book that much more enjoyable.
13. POWER Y TANK - My favourite workout top ever. Has a built in bra, doesn't ride and is so comfortable. I often wear it casually as well. Goes great under a big sweater or cardigan on those days you want to stay comfy!
14. WUNDER UNDER TECH MESH YOGA PANTS - The truth is, the pants in the picture above are my sister. Once this post goes LIVE I know she's going to ask for them back, so I definitely need to get myself a pair! I love these pants both for working out, or to wear casually with a big comfy sweater!

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