I don't know about you, but for me, New Years Resolutions don't really get started until the kids go back to school and we get back into routine!

(Can I get an AMEN for getting back to  routine please?!)

Like everyone and their Mom, my goal is to declutter and get re-organized this year. It's actually something that I try to do every January - because who doesn't need a little re-group eh?

Clutter and disorganization is a time sucker. It makes simple tasks take longer than they should because you're rummaging through crap trying to find what you're looking for.  Plus, I don't know about you but clutter just makes me irritable.  (Just ask my husband and the kids)

Today I thought I'd share with you the 10 Things on my To Do List this week, so that I can get re-organized and start 2018 off right. 

Even though realistically everything probably won't stay exactly like this, there is something refreshing about starting the new year off with a clean and organized slate. 

So here goes! Who's joining me? 

1.  Clean & organize my car

Any any given time you'll find 4+ water bottles, coffee cups, muffin wrappers (I'll blame that on the toddler, muffin's are the way to her heart), some random clothes and shoes and empty fast food containers in my car. It drives my husband nuts, and does get a little embarrassing from time to time. 

I'd love to blame it on the kids, but I've always had a disgusting car. I'm not even sure why. 

It's time to start treating my car, like I treat my house - which I would never allow to be in that state.

2. Clean out my purse and wallet 

The last time I did this, I found two pairs of underwear, an old granola bar, chapstick, diapers (which my kid no longer wears) dirty socks, a missing fob for my chiropractor that I just paid to have replaced and 3 old grocery lists. It's like the freaking tickle trunk in there - I have no idea what's coming out of it. 

The amount if time I spend rummaging through this chaos when I need something is ridiculous -  I am vowing to make a weekly habit!  

3. Go through the mail: Shred, file & organize

Anyone else feel like their mail piles up? For some reason, over the past few months, we've accumulated this regular pile of mail to go through. Clutter attracts clutter, and when there is a pile sitting there it's pretty easy to just add to it, instead of dealing with the mail right away. 

4. Donate unwanted clothing & toys to goodwill 

The amount of toys and clothing that accumulates with four kids is absolutely insane! I've had the kids go through their drawers and shelves and PURGE what they don't use or need. 

Not only does it help keep their rooms organized, it makes getting ready in the morning easier for them because they are not rummaging through clothes that they just won't wear (that someone else will)

This year I'm really adapting the less is more approach! (remind me of that next time I want to shop okay?) 

5. Clean out the fridge & cupboard

clean fridge helps make the new, fresh & healthy food more visible


clean organized cupboards shows that you really do have more food than you think you have  (ultimately cutting back on the grocery bill - and who doesn't want to cut back on the cost of food?)

6. Unsubscribe from Email Lists

The whole email thing has gotten out of control. It seems like every store and service is asking for your email these days, resulting in too much junk mail and an inbox that seems almost impossible to keep up with. 

I recently used unroll.me to unsubscribe from all the lists I no longer want to be apart of. Just input your email, they'll provide you with a list of your subscription emails and you can unsubscribe from the ones that no longer serve you.

Feels so good! 

7. Delete Unwanted Emails 

Put on netflix, sit down with your device and just clean out your inbox. Create folders for receipts you need to save, folders for emails you need to keep for documentation, create folders for whatever type of emails you need to keep....

My goal this week is to get my inbox down to zero!! (or at least less than 10)

8. Throw out unmatched socks 

Socks are my nemesis. I can't keep up, I can never find the match. No matter how hard I try, the sock bin just keeps growing and growing. 

I'm tackling the bin one last time and then throwing the rest out! I can't bare to kick this year off with that bin hanging over my head! 

9. Clean Out & Organize Bathroom Drawer

Why do I have so many products that I don't ever use?! A clean and organized bathroom = quicker getting ready time! I've been putting this job off for months... it's time! 

10. Plan a Date Night & A Ladies Night 

With Christmas and New Years over, and the weather cold as can be, the hype is over and there isn't a lot to look forward to.

Time with the ladies and time with your man is imperative to keeping a full cup - so this week get something on the books so that you have something to look forward to! That adult time makes you a better mom, stepmom and wife - so make it a priority! 

11. Have A Family Meeting 

With structure and routine out the window over the holidays, things can really go off the rails. The first week of school is an excellent time to sit down with the kids and remind them of the rules and expectations in the house. 

If you're a stepmom, I recommend having your husband lead this conversation and just be a support in the background. I personally find that this type of conversation is better received when Dad takes the lead! 

Happy Organizing... and more importantly, Happy First Week of School

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