Last week, as I bantered away on Instagram Stories, I mentioned that my husband was kinda bugging me. Don't get me wrong I love the guy to death, but he was getting on my last nerve (with those tiny, little things that don't really matter, but are still pretty annoying). 

In my instastories, I asked you guys if your husband's bother you too (in that fun loving, pick up your god damn socks kind of way). 90% of you said yes, and well, the other 10 percent of you are liars (kidding but FYI I really don't believe you!) 

Anyways, I decided to take it one step further and ask you what exactly your husbands do that drive you crazy! 

Ladies, you made my night... the comments cracked me up, mostly because it was a great reminder that ALL GUYS ARE THE SAME! 

Today I thought I'd some of the messages you sent my way, not because I want to rag on our husbands but because I think it will

A. make you laugh and
B. put things in perspective
C. remind you that you're not alone! 

So here you go! ...

(Surprise, surprise...  there seems to be a bit of a reoccurring theme with strategic bathroom visits and socks on the floor

every night he leaves his socks either on the side of bed or in the living room. Doesn’t bother me all the time but every once in a while I get really annoyed from picking up the socks.
— @vickyrippel
Quite frequently when I need his help (unloading groceries, putting up laundry, etc...) he miraculously has to poop at that very minute. Drives me nuts!
— @hilaryann92
My husband is amazing but he bugs me by leaving his socks on the floor, food on the plate in the sick, hair in my bathroom sink... lol I love that messy man!
— @fancyface_91
one of the several things my husband does that bugs me is walking past the garbage in the kitchen to put something in the sink that actually belongs in the garbage.... also he puts dishes in the sink instead of the dishwasher... which is RIGHT next to the sink!
— @mal3smith
when he takes off his clothes that he’s “going to wear again” and leaves them in a pile beside the bed. The pile just gets bigger. He ain’t every going to wear that many clothes!
— @courtmacintosh
when he “helps with the dishes” by filling up the sink to let the dishes “soak” and then leaves them in the sink fullk of water ... I end up having to deal with them... so gross!

.... oh and the kicker, he airs his hockey equipment out in the living room.
— @courtmacintosh
my husband takes his socks off every evening and leaves them beside the couch in our family room. And if I don’t pick them up there all be a collection pile in a couple days. Drives me crazy!
— @lindsaybrewda
when he sees me empty the dishwasher and then walks over and puts a dirty dish in the sink ... bugs me!
— @lindseycloud
Anyone you live with will annoy you sometimes. And my husband drives me nuts because he can’t rinse extra toothpaste down the dang drain. How is it that hard to rinse that off my beautiful white sink?
— @hnorris54
when he thinks its a good ides to rial the kids up right before bed
— @wicked.stepmom
... his marathon bathroom time where he just hides out to play on his phone... BTW I suspect those who say their husbands never bug them are newlyweds
— @dalmay09
my husband bugs me when he sits on the toilet for 30 minutes scrolling through his phone when it’s time to bathe the kids for bed and we have one bathroom in the house.. haha I still love him!
— @veronicsapena_
my husband leaves empty milk jugs in the refrigerator. I just don’t get it!
— @a.shle.ysw.nso.n
he insists on keeping his protein mix on the counter. even though we have a pull pantry and no shortage of kitchen cabinets... oh and he leaves his socks everywhere too! Gotta love them!
— @Taylor.0x
the moment a child wakes up in the morning and we hear them on the monitor he jumps out of bed into the bathroom, locks the door and has a shower
— @cvano6

Too funny!!!

But to even out the playing field here, I decided to ask my husband what I do that bugs him...  Here's what he said!

1. You start tasks and never finish them

(excuse me buddy, that's you not me!)

2. You leave water glasses and coffee mugs all over the house


3. You never put the lid on the toothpaste

okay maybe I can work on that! 

4. You can never find your keys. Just put them back where they belong! 

5. You're the most organized unorganized person I've ever met 

... looks like I may bug him more than he bugs me!!!

I think it would be fun to take this one step further, and ask your husbands what YOU do that bugs them!!  I wonder if there are any common themes! 

Ask him and get back to me! I can't wait for the laughs! 

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