I was driving in the car with my boyfriend at the time. He was the same age as me. We were having a pretty serious conversation about our relationship, where we were in our lives & what we wanted for our future. In this conversation, I said to him,

“My next boyfriend will be older than me. I need someone who has their Sh*t together" 

(Funny enough, we stayed together 6 months after that. You’d think planning the traits of a future boyfriend would be a sign that the relationship was over)

It wasn’t that he didn’t have his sh*t together per say. We were just at different points in our lives, with very different priorities. He was a typical guy in his mid twenties.

Fast Forward a year and a half.

I went on my first date with my future husband… 13 years my senior. Just over a year later, we were married and are on our way to living happily ever after.

In conversations with single girlfriends, I have sworn by dating and marrying older men. If you ask me, it’s absolutely the way to go (unless you have a husband… and if that’s the case disregard this whole post)

Here is why:

 1. Older men are hot
They are hot. Bottom line. As men age, they grow into themselves and become sexier. There is something about real man scruf and salt & pepper hair that makes women crazy! George Clooney anyone?

 2. They know what they want
They have been around long enough, and dated enough women to know what they want in a relationship! No time for games.

 3. They have life experience
They have learned lessons. They have perspective and know what’s truly important! I love how my husband can help me see the big picture when I am all wound up about something trivial.

4. They have old-fashioned values
They were raised in a different generation than us (or me at least).  A time where men opened the door for women, treated them to dinner, actually courted them. To them, “wine and dine” doesn’t mean taking your girl out to Quiznos and a trip to Silvercity. It’s romance all the way!

 5. They pick up the phone
Conversation is not just via text message. They call. With people my age, phone conversations are almost foreign. In fact they used to make me uncomfortable and I would avoid them at all costs. I have dated guys in the past and never actually spoken to them on the phone. Older men call. They check in. They ask about your day.  They communicate… most of the time.

6You get a new an improved version
I’ve heard women say they don’t want to date a divorcee. They want to avoid the drama that can come with ex wives and issues with custody and access.  It’s a stress they don’t want in their life. While I completely understand that (because it’s definitely not one of the perks of my situation), I will say that the pros outweigh a cons. A man who has been divorced, or even in previous long-term relationship(s) typically can acknowledge where things went wrong. They know what happened to make their previous relationship(s) fail, and they know where they screwed up. SO in theory, you get the new and improved version. (Plus, let’s be serious, in all likelihood they can’t afford another divorce!)

7. They engage with your parents easier
I’m not sure if that’s because they are closer to their age or because they have better communication skills, but either way I find the visits with the rents to go way smoother.

8. They are more mature
It’s no secret that women mature at a faster rate than men. There have literally been scientific studies that have measured this. I recently read an article that says men don’t mature until their late thirties/early forties. I firmly agree.  So when you throw in a significant age difference, you almost even out the playing field when it comes to maturity… almost!

9They are financially stable
This is not about finding your golden ticket or looking for a man who always pays for dinner (however that is nice) – But a man who is financially stable makes you feel secure. They are dependable and responsible with their money, because they know how hard they have worked to earn it.

10. You’ll always be young (in comparison)
That’s right… birthday after birthday, you will always be the younger woman! Many women dread 30. I am one year away. I don’t dread it one bit, because I know when I am thirty, he will be 43.

Are you with an older man?

Have I missed one of the perks? Shoot me a message or comment below!