The Stepmoms Club with Kendall Rose on EP 39 of The Jamie Scrimgeour Podcast

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In this episode, I sit down with author of The Stepmom’s Club: How To Be A Stepmom Without Losing Your Mind, Your Money And Your Marriage - and we talk about just that.

Written by a group of stepmoms for stepmoms, this book is full of tips, anecdotes, and words of advice that will help you find success and support in your stepfamily life. 

This guide shares their solutions to help you: 

  • Brave the crazy ex demands 

  • Overcome the financial hurdles of a blended family

  • Be prepared for the legal battles and custody arrangements 

  • Handle disrespectful children 

  • Nourish your relationship 

  • Maneuver the emotional breakdowns of stepmotherhood 

  • Build your own stepmom's club 

  • Understand why you need your partner to have your back


Grab your copy of this handbook on how to thrive as stepmom HERE.

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