Interview with Lisa Collum, Entrepreneur Tips + Raising Entitled Children - Episode 38 of The Jamie Scrimgeour Podcast

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I found this week’s guest on my Facebook Newsfeed. She wrote a post all about how as parents we need to STOP raising entitled children that went wild on the internet, striking a chord with many. 

After reading this random post on my Facebook newsfeed I knew I needed to talk to this woman! 

Lisa Collum is a mom of four, an educator, a principal of her own school, a speaker, an entrepreneur and CEO of two very successful business, Top Score Writing, Inc. and Coastal Middle and High School.

We talk about EVERYTHING from…what parents are doing to create entitled children in our society, how this makes it difficult for educators to help them thrive, the importance of finding your child’s own learning style and gifts in life, where the traditional education system is holding some kids back, entrepreneurship, what it takes to start a successful business  AND … how she manages all that she manages with four kids in tow.


You can find Lisa on Instagram, Facebook, and on her website

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