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On this episode of the podcast I interview the hilarious and talented Kaitlin Hargreaves.

Kaitlin’s online platform started after she became  the make-up artist for former bachelorette, designer and lifestyle influencer, Jillian Harris on the show Love it or List it, but with her upbeat personality and passion for making women feel beautiful in every aspect of their lives,  she has organically grown a following of women who are dying to hear what she has to say…

Kaitlin is a lover of all things make-up, hair, fashion, family, home decor and painting. She is a stepmom, she is a straight shooter, and her no bullshit energy and confidence is contagious.

In this episode Kaitlin and I cover it all. We chat about step-parenting, body confidence, weight loss, make-up, botox, bullies on the internet - the list goes on!

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