Real Talk About Self Love With Erin Treloar of Raw Beauty Talks | The Jamie Scrimgeour Podcast

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This week I had the pleasure of chatting with Erin Treloar – Health Coach, the founder Raw Beauty and the host of the highly acclaimed podcast, Raw Beauty Talks Podcast

If you’re thinking, “ya, self-love is kind of a fluffy conversation, I’m going to skip this one Jamie” – don’t. We tackle self-love in a non-cheesy way, because ladies, whether you want to admit it or not, self love is the foundation to living a KICK-ASS Life. This is a conversation that you NEED to hear. 


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Erin’s greatest passion is helping girls and women learn to live from a place of self love.  She launched Raw Beauty Talks in 2014 with an interview series featuring over 200 women without make-up, photo editing or filters that ignited a conversation surrounding beauty, confidence and self love. In 2014, she founded Raw Beauty Talks Society to support programs raising self esteem in youth.  Erin is a Founding Partner of Free To Be Talks, a media literacy program for youth in grade 6-8 and currently sits on the board as a Founding Advisory Board member.  She is also a board member of the YWCA Culture Shift Project.  

In 2017, Erin completed her health coach training through the Health Coach Institute. She released two programs designed to help women become the healthiest, happiest & most confident version of themselves. Her work has been featured in publications including Elle magazine, the LA Times and Marie Claire amongst others.  She is a public speaker on the topics of beauty, confidence and self love and a frequent contributor to Huffington Post, being named as one of HuffPo Canada’s Top 50 Bloggers.

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