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This week on the podcast I am chatting with Brandie Weikle.

Brandie is a host of the award-winning podcast, The New Family. Brandie is the former editor in chief for Canadian Family Magazine, and has also been an editor for the Toronto Start and Today’s Parent.

She writes a column called Modern Family for the Toronto Star, and is working on a book called The Ex Next Door: How a New Generation of Parents is Redefining Life After Divorce.

The idea for The New Family stems from Brandie’s own experience as part of a non-traditional family. She is amicably divorced and for eight years lived next door to the father of her children, even well after his remarriage to her boys’ stepmom. Now they live just around the corner.

In this episode, Brandie and I dive into her story, how she and her ex went from married to neighbors, as well as the touchy subject of how to cope when your family remains close with the ex.

I’m so excited share Brandie’s perspective with all of you… and I’m confident that no matter what your stepfamily dynamic looks like, you’ll have at least one ah ha moment from listening to this episode.

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Also check out Brandie’s Facebook Group - Positive Co-Parenting After Divorce

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