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In this episode we’re talking all about relationships with age gaps.

A few months back I got lost in the rabbit hole of Instagram and stumbled upon Natalie Workman’s Instagram profile @hes25yearsolder .

Since Darren and I have a 13-year-age difference, I was very interested in all that she had to say. Let me just say, it didn’t take me long to fall in love with Natalie.

Natalie’s finance Brandon is 25 years older than her. On her blog and most recently her podcast, she talks about all things age gap relationships; Including the obvious challenges and completely unexpected realities of being in a relationship with an older man.

She’s very honest when she says that the most challenging part of their relationship has been navigating the opinions of people.

She says and I quote “when we fell in love, we had no idea how challenging it was going to be to make everyone else fall in love with us too.”

In this episode we talk about the challenges of dating an older man, our experiences dealing with other people’s opinions, how Brandon’s kids reacted to this relationship and the life lessons that we’ve both learned from hooking up with an older man with kids!



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