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In this episode of The Jamie Scrimgeour Podcast, I sit down with my good friend Amanda Muse. Amanda is one of YouTubes original moms. She was creating videos online before creating videos online was even a thing. She has built this really engaged online community by sharing the ups and downs of motherhood through video. 

Over her years of doing what she does, Amanda truly has become a lifestyle brand and full on makes a living creating videos on YouTube. 

She also recently launched a Podcast “The Sandwich” where she has real and authentic conversations about motherhood, relationships, personal development, entrepreneurship and more.

She recently interviewed me about our journey with infertility, so if you’re looking for an update you can go check it out.

Creating videos online before it was even a thing. Amanda has related an engaged community by online sharing the ups and downs of motherhood through video.

In this episode Amanda and I really just shoot the shit, we talk what it’s like to share your life with the internet, about friendships in motherhood, the importance of being deliberate about who gets your time and energy, and how about basically, neither of us have time for BS in life…


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