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This week on the podcast I sit down with amazingly smart and funny Naja Hall. Naja is a Family and Life Coach, an author and the creator of the highly acclaimed online community and platform for stepmoms, Blended and Black. In this episode shares how she recommends how stepmoms deal with disrespectful stepchildren and/or a high conflict ex-wife.

While Naja and I’s different stepfamily dynamics result in us having different perspectives on how to navigate some areas of stepfamily life -  she is a great resource for so many stepmoms and even taught me a few golden nuggets. Speaking to her was a HUGE reminder that every stepfamily dynamic is different, and there are so many factors that contribute to the best route for each unique family.

If you’re dealing with any type of high conflict co-parenting situation, this is an episode you don’t want to miss! 

Grab your copy of Naja’s book – Girl, Bye! She’s Not Going Anywhere… Neither Are You

Find her on 
Instagram - www.instagram.com/blendedandblack
Facebook – www.facebook.com/blendedandblack
and on her website www.blendedandblack.com

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