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In this episode of The Jamie Scrimgeour Podcast, I chat with Kate Chapman of This Life in Progress, an online community for divorced parents and blended families.

Kate is a mom and stepmom to six kids between the ages of 6 and 16, a Co-Parenting expert, an experienced Executive Coach, a widely published author and the creator of the highly acclaimed co-parenting program the Total Co-Parenting Transformation.Kate and I chat about all things blended families and finances.

It’s an interesting conversation because Kate and I handle finances completely opposite to one another. Darren and I merge everything, while she and her partner keep things completely separate. Not only does Kate share how she and her husband split finances (and why they do it that way), she talks about co-parenting in a blended family where the rules aren’t always the same for all the kids

Be sure to follow Kate on Facebook and visit her at www.thislifeinprogress.com

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