So I scheduled a “Christmas Mini” this year.

I totally succumbed to the whole fad of having a professional photographer take pictures of your kids at each and every holiday/milestone.

Halloween Photos, Valentines Day Photos, Mothers Day Photos, Christmas Photos… who’s idea was all of this anyways?! Probably a brilliant photographer who is just rolling in it! This is a freaking gold mine!

Whatever, who am I kidding? I can’t talk. I love all of it.  I’m totally that sucker momwho will fork over an arm and a leg to capture the  “Kodak moment”.

And as much as I am all about keeping it real … and reminding everyone that no one is perfect…

There is still a little okay a BIG piece of me who wants that Perfect Christmas photo to commemorate the joy the holiday season

But let me tell you something…. yesterday morning, I had an 8-year-old boy who wasn’t keen on commemorating the joy of anything!

Here are some behind the scenes of our Christmas photoshoot with the lovely Cynthia from One-12 Photography.

They look great eh? Everyone looks happy!

It only cost me a $25 dollar iTunes card and a promise to hit up the McDonalds drive through on the way home.

What these pictures don’t capture is me standing behind the scenes offering to upgrade the Happy Meal drink to a milkshake if the little guy smiled just one more time!

Today, during our photoshoot, I realized three things:
1. These annual family photos may be harder and harder to arrange as the years go on (The bribes  are getting more expensive each and every year)

2. Unless we decided to add another one to the crew… those naked baby christmas photos are something of the past

3. I’m almost positive that all those perfect Christmas cards I see floating around Social Media, had a whole lot of sweat, tears and bribes put into them too!