I always say that when it comes to step-family life, even the simplest things aren't simple. 

What I mean is that most things are pretty damn complicated. 

I'm often referring to the everyday nitty-gritty of parenting. 

You know, different parenting methods, discipline, the access schedule, attempting to maintain consistency between two homes. 

Everyday parenting stuff is just a little more complicated when you’re co-parenting between two houses.

But do you want to know where things get really complicated with blended families? Taking about things like wills and life insurance policies.  

These two topics take the complications that come with blended family life to a whole new level. 

In fact, planning for those "what happens if" scenarios with your partner, can lead to conversations that are far from simple.

When you're in a nuclear or non-blended family, I assume that these conversations are pretty straight-forward.

  • The beneficiary on a life insurance policy is typically your spouse. 
  • The secondary beneficiaries are typically the kids.
  • Inheritance is typically divided equally amongst your children.

    There aren't a lot of complicating factors.

But when you're planning for those "what happens if" scenarios for your blended family, there are so many other factors to consider. 

Things like:

  • Financial responsibilities to children from your first marriage
  • Potential financial responsibilities to an ex-spouse 
  • Your ex-spouse's ability to provide for the kids
  • Financial responsibilities to spouse/kids/stepchildren from your current marriage
  • Different opinions on how assets should be divided amongst children from two different unions

All make things more complex.

If you're in a blended family, and have already had the life iInsurance and will conversation with your partner, I am sure you know exactly what I'm talking about. I didn't realize just how complex these conversations could get until we sat down and really talked things through.

My husband and I are aligned when it comes to our goals as parents. We want to make sure that our kids feel loved, taken care of and supported - no matter what happens in life. Throughout our conversations about life insurance, we always came back to that.

We both just want the peace of mind that comes from knowing that no matter what happens to either of us, all four of the kids will be okay!  

In hustle and bustle of everyday life with kids, it can be especially difficult to find the time to talk about issues like life insurance. It’s one of those jobs that can get pushed from “to- do list” to “to- do list.”

I can say that because we delayed having the life insurance chat for that very reason. It was on our list for what seemed like forever, but kept getting pushed because life got busy!  

When we finally got around to it this fall, it was such a relief!

Our chat made us realize that we needed more insurance. After considering all of our complicating factors, it was clear that our family wasn’t protected to the extent we would like.

So we decided to get an additional policy on me via Sun Life Go - which is basically an option to apply for life insurance online.

When I completed the application in less than 10 minutes, I couldn’t help but laugh at myself. I felt so silly for procrastinating for so long, because it really was that simple.

A week and a half later I had my approval letter in the mail - done and done! 

My experience with Sun Life Go was so seamless that I've recently partnered with Sun Life to spread the word.

Sun Life Go is literally the perfect life insurance solution for busy families like us who are always on the go and constantly short on time.

So Stepmama, if you've been avoiding the tough conversations, just know that the conversation is the hardest part of the process! Once you have a plan in place, the rest can be completed from your device, anywhere and anytime!

If you've been reading my blog for any length of time, you know that my goal is to support Stepmoms in living a KICK-ASS LIFE. Well, planning for the future and making sure that your family is taken care of is part of that equation! 


If you have questions about life insurance I've linked a few of Sun Life's resources below:

Wondering how much life insurance you actually need? Access Sun Life's Insurance Calculator by clicking HERE

Not sure what life insurance option is best for you? I've got you covered. You can learn about the different options by clicking HERE

Have 10 minutes to spare, and want to get your quote? Click HERE to go right to the Sun Life Go website! 


DISCLAIMER: I have partnered with Sun Life to help spread the word about Sun Life Go and  received compensation for this post. However, as always, I only work with brands that I truly endorse and all opinions expressed in this post are my own.